Failed replacement hard drive install

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I bought a samsung 1tb ST1000LM024 2.5" hard drive thats seems to be in working order.

I followed the numerous youtube videos in replacing the hard drive but it was a complete failure and for awhile i thought i bricked my ps4.

I made sure i got the full 1.51 update the 800mb one and not the 300mb one.

It reads the update off the usb stick just fine and when it reboots to install the firmware all i get is a blank screen with ps4 light pulsating blue.

I cant turn the machine off and i have to pull the power cord, i can still get into the recovery menu after a reboot and try again but the same thing happens.

The only way to get the machine to boot is to put the original 500gb hard drive back in and everything works fine.

So anyone know of any incompatibilities with certain hard drives?, or maybe the hard drive is just faulty.

I dont know, with the failure rate of these new consoles i dont want to keep messing with it :)

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What do you mean failure rate of the new consoles? The failure rate is pretty low.

But sounds like you said there could be some comparability issues with that particular model. If possible try to hook it up to a PC and check that the drive works.

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I had a problem when I tried to replace the HHD as well. I was using a WD Blue 1TB and everything worked fine, the update and everything. However the console would never go on standby. The screen would shut off and the light would actually pulse white, not blue, but it would never get to orange. The only way I could turn it off was by pulling the power plug. Put the old hard drive back in and everything works fine now.

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Same here. I tried to install a 1.5 tb hdd on launch day, but had to give up because all i got was a warning saying " a serious problem has occurred " and it gave me a error code. But it works just fine with the original hdd.

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possibly as it was for the PS3 it needs to be formatted in FAT32, the PS3 didn't do it you need to do it before inserting in the PS3 - 4

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possibly as it was for the PS3 it needs to be formatted in FAT32, the PS3 didn't do it you need to do it before inserting in the PS3 - 4

Yes the drive and the USB Thumb Drive should be FAT32 formatted.

There was a link to a list of 4 compatible SATA HDD for the PS4. I can't find the damn list now. I ended up getting this HDD which was the exact same SATA HDD that was in my PS4. Only difference is mine was a 1.5TB.

This drive worked perfectly. No problems or issues at all. When I bought it the price was $115, which isn't bad. Also, stick with the 5400RPM to be on the safe side. No one know is the 7200RPM will cause more heating in the PS4 or not yet. No need taking a chance if you don't have to. Let someone else test that out for a year. I now have about 1.33 TB of free space for my PS4. That's after loading KZ:SF and the free Indie games. If I find the list of the other 3 HDD, I'll post it here.