Exchanging a PS4 and Pre-order codes

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So, it looks like I am going to have to exchange my PS4 for a new one. My concern is that I've already activated the pre-order codes for the three games I purchased on my current PS4. I am just wondering if and how I can transfer these over to the new one. I may just be missing something, but I am not seeing an option to redownload them as they are not separately purchasable,

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You have an entire "order" history of all your downloads

Everything is tied to you, not the console.

Also sorry about the PS4

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What went wrong with it if you don't mind me asking.

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I'm not seeing the order history.

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I've had three PS3s die. They are attached to your account. There might be a way to deauthorize the system, I'm not sure how it goes on PS4. It's not like Nintendo. Deauthorize it somehow, reformat it and just sign into your PSN account on the new system. The PS4 PSN store looks exactly the same as the PS3 PSN store so there should be a previous download list that you can redownload everything from. If it's anything like PS3, you will probably find that download list somewhere in account management outside of PSN on the system and inside it.

Just remember to cut the account ties on the system and when you get your new one sign into that one.

It works just like itunes on an authorized computer.

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you can de-authorise all of your back then authorised ps3 systems from the sony entertainment network website, i had the same issue due to a couple of ylod ps3s, they have fixed this problem... :)

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@MondasM: Oh cool. I'm glad they do it that way now. I always worried before if I couldn't deauthorize it.

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https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/en-us/home/games your order history can be seen here and you can use your PC to start the downloads on your PS4, little tip for pre-oder DLC content. Those are not shown in the PSN store, so you might want to download them first from your download history before installing the actual game