Dual Shock 4 (Triggers) ??? ACIV related

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Anyone else have issue with needing to press the trigger down completely and with a fair amount of force to get yourself to sprint in ACIV?

I wondering if it's just my controller, the way the game was programmed or if everyone has the same thing going on.

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Thats how the analog triggers work. The more you press the faster he will go. I can't compare to the PS3 games since before IV I played the on my 360, but yeah thats how it is on my game as well

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you misunderstand.... I press the trigger all the way and he still isn't running, just a light jog.... I have to really put some pressure on it to make him run... it was never like this on my DS3 or X360 gamepad... as long as I pushed the button in nearly all the way the character would run... with the DS4 I feel like I'm going to break the trigger by how hard I have to press it.

So I'm trying to find out if others are having this issue, or was it Ubisoft screwing up with their coding of controls?

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Must be your controller because mine works fine

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@stinky_bomb said:

Must be your controller because mine works fine

yeah... from what my PSN friend is telling me... you don't even have to press the trigger all the way down, before he starts sprinting, normally. Hmmm.... I really don't want to deal with Sony Cx Service... have to send my controller away and not be able to play for a week or two.

Guess I could buy a new one and send this one back... when I get the replacement I'll have 2.

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@whatsazerg: Thats exactly what i would do, no point in waiting 2 weeks without a controller. At some point in time your going too want too have more than one controller anyways.

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mine works perfectly