DS4 and sticky shoulder buttons(r1 primarily)

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I've already gone through 2 DS4 controllers with problematic shoulder buttons. Playing Dark Souls will give them a rigorous test, and after awhile the r1 button becomes mushy and then it starts sticking/clicking. Anyone here having this problem already? If you aren't having this issue, try a game that requires constant use of the l1/r1 buttons. I'm not a hater or a fanboy, just disappointed with the quality of the buttons.

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I feels yeah man. Mine just started having issues after playing Warframe for a few hours. Don't know what to do, I don't want to take it apart, I tried using window cleaner on that button to no avail. Is it covered under warranty?

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@ryankeats1992: I've played about 20 hrs of Killzone so far and no problems. You might be able to exchange them.

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@haze_blaze: Killzone requires almost no use of the R1 button unless you have the control scheme changed. Warframe R1 is melee and I've built my character as a sword using character.

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My DS3 is built like a rock and has lasted years with no problems. I've owned these 2 DS4s and the same problems arise within hours. The shoulder buttons wear down fast, especially in games like Dark Souls or Warframe. I've decided to return mine until I hear of a proper revision being made. Others have had issues with the analog sticks as well.

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Heh I feel sorry for your controllers, how hard do you push down on the sticks man?

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@danten81 said:

Playing Dark Souls

Explain how you're doing that on the PS4

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I don't have this problem. You guys should take care of your controllers better ;)

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@RiKanKiDD: I treat my pads like gold. My DS3 is 2 years old and it looks/plays brand new. When you're using the r1 button for a game that requires it and it starts to stick/click it wasn't because of user error. I'm just letting you guys know that it happened to me twice and that it *may* be a problem.

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@RiKanKiDD Dude I take care of my controllers more then anyone I know, I wash my hands before every use and at least every hour while I'm playing. I don't ever be rough with them and I don't eat while playing. This is clearly a problem with the product line.

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I've not seen this issue with mine, I will repost if that changes though.

lol, you wash your hands during play?

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I have the same problem,thought it was just me for a sec but getting a new controller if need be would be better than the system being faulty,thats how I look at it.

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I have to take a shower before I play my PS4.