Driveclub still coming this year - Sony

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Driveclub will still come this year according to Sony. They are still working on the game, and it's most likely a summer release. According to shops where i live here in europe it's going to be released late July, but take that with a grain of salt.

The absence of the game in the “spring” release window probably means that we can expect it in the summer at the earliest, as it’s doubtful that such a relevant first party game would launch without a few months of buildup from the announcement of the final release date. Of course I’d be very happy to be proven wrong on this, but at least now we know that we won’t have to wait for 2015.


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Saying that I have now got a British website up which has an actual date, which has been put up as the 10th October, so I really don't think anyone knows, I think there all guessing.

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the "back to the drawing board" remark has me a little skeptical. they probably already have so much time and money wrapped up in this project that they cant afford to take a lot of care in finishing up and getting this game out. like rushing it out trying to use as little resources as possible being theyre behind schedule. its what i think happened with ghost recon future was ok but it didnt come near my expectations.

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i just hope we get to see it in a good shape this year