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Hey, everyone, I am having a very frustrating time fighting the Offline Ur Dragon for the first time. I found out the online boss has a crapton of health compared to the offline version. Good thing, I thought cause I just couldn't even scratch it. So I restart DD in offline mode and do see a different looking Ur Dragon, but I hit the same issue! Even with my most powerfull spells as a sorcerer, Mr. Ur there was like... "Did a fly just land on me?..." I know I need to hit the glowing purple bits, and I have a mage healer/supporter giving me holy affinity, along with me having the spell as well. Regular light attacks, focused bolts, right in the sweet spots, but nothing. Tried various spots, the guage shakes confirming the hits, but I'm doing crap for damage. XD Not showing anything at all. Tried every spell I have. I think with about 10 minutes of attacking, maybe 3% of the first bar goes down. XD Not sure what I am doing wrong. Googled, Wiki'd, and no good. I'm just going to post my spells, stats, gear, and augments, and maybe someone can point out my noobish screw ups. XD Thanks in advance. :D


Level 48 Sorcerer. Maxed into the vocation of course.

HP: 1365 Stamina: 1720

Strength: 326

Magick: 1143

Defences: 324

Magick Defence: 525


Primary Spells: High Ingle, Holy Affinity (Usually High Levin but changed for the fight), High Comestion.

Secondary Spells: High Malestrom, High Bolide, High Gicel



Archstaff: Dragon's Wit

Head: Laurel Circlet

Torso: Sage's Robe and Gamebeson

Hands: Alcemickal Bangles

Legs: Seeker Tights, and Wizard's Boots

Shoulder Cape, and Baleful Nales


Iv'e also tried maxiing out and buying the best gear for a ranger, and mystick Knight. No luck there ether, but I diddn't start as the right class to really milk them stat-wise.. But figured it was worth a shot.

Main pawn is a fairly equally geared heal/support mage, and my off pawns are a level 50 fighter tank, and a level 55 ranger. I also have free access to a level 128 sorcerer if I need her. but she rarely gets casts off before I finish off bosses/mobs, or she'll get knocked out casting anyway. Any info, or imput on how I could suck less and plow this boss would be greatly appriciated. Thanks again. Once they invent the teleporter, I'll send you free baked goods. :P

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Forgot augments. XD I'm very smart today...







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I'd say level up some more first. I know it sounds like stupid, basic advice, but when i first tried with my level 50-ish Strider i barely dealt any damage. I levelled up to lvl70-ish, got dragonforged gear and absolutely whalloped it (it flew off only twice).

I never used the Mage/Sorcerer vocations so i can't really give you much advice as to those sorts of skills. From my experience spells didn't seem very effective.

I can give tips if you switch to a Strider i guess? I got up close and personal, hacking away with Skull Splitter or using Mighty Bend/Fivefold Arrow with explosive arrows.

The big point is that it only takes damage if you hit the special glowing spots, which you have to expose first by hacking at the faintly purplish areas on its skin. You'll have to climb onto it to get to most of them (there are some on the wings that i only got at with my bow). Physical attacks are easiest for this since they're faster than spells and you control pretty much exactly where they go. It has around twenty weak spots and some of them are a pain to get to.

As for pawns, my main pawn is a warrior and my other two were mages (for support mostly), but honestly, apart from distracting it they weren't that much help.

When you're offline your damage to the Ur Dragon is permanent, so if it leaves during the battle (which it does every ten minutes) its health won't regenerate.

Sorry i can't really be that much help, i just never used magic.

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this should help.......probably