does the Logitech Driving Force GT support Grand Theft Auto IV?

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#1 Posted by mahdibassam (6 posts) -

if it does, does it support the 900 degree steering, or the force feedback?

Overral is it worth to get GTA IV again (finished 2 times) for playin it with DFGT?

i would appreciate your help, with complete explanation

#2 Posted by K1LLR3175 (12734 posts) -
I doubt it.Cause GTA4 is not a full racing game.
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anyone else? pls
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Why would it? You just get out of the car and then you cant move...
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i'm guessing no, it's not a racing game, and you spend a lot of time on foot.
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well u can drive with the wheel, and walk and stuff with ds3.

has anyone actually tested this? cos i can guess myself u know!

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yes, i have tried it with logitechs DFGT wheel and it does work, works better for moving your character around then driving i found lol. your steering does not kick in pretty much untill you have turned it 450 degrees when driving a car, as for moving your character you steer to turn him left and right, gas pedal to walk forwards and brake to step backwards, not sure if you can run though which may be a problem, overall its just garbage and i hope that maybe rockstar, sony, and logitech can agree on releasing a patch for gta4 on ps3 that will allow the wheel to be used more effectively