Do PS3 need 60 hz ?

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#1 Posted by ExTrazz-SeWICX (401 posts) -
I have a LCD LE32A656 from samsung .. its the newest 32 Inch tv..

But why is it only 50 hz ? isnt it normal to have 60 hz.......

Ive started to see more and more 60hz marks on the 360 games..

What happens to us with a tv that only has 50 hz?
Will the ps3 lag then :(

Please answer
#2 Posted by shabab12 (2613 posts) -
No it wont lag. All HDTV's are 60 htz so im guessing your doing some settings wrong.
#3 Posted by b11051973 (7619 posts) -

Not all HDTVs are 60Hz. The big thing with LCDs now is to have 120Hz. It just displays every frame twice. My plasma even can switch to 72Hz. This is to handle 1080p24 movies. It displays every one of the 24 frames 3 times. This eliminates the need for 3:2 pulldown.

As to a 50Hz HDTV, I don't know what that is about. Doing a search of the TV in the original post, it doesn't look to be a TV sold in the US. I'm assuming the original poster is from Europe. Don't Europeans have different standards for TV broadcast?

#4 Posted by ExTrazz-SeWICX (401 posts) -
It says 50hz on the back of my tv . but in game its 60hz..

Its the samsung 6 serien .. LE32A656 the newest LCD 32 inch..

#5 Posted by Articuno76 (18972 posts) -
Don't worry about it. Technically the Hz setting doesn't matter with HDTV's. My Viera is 50 as well and as a result it has problems running some games properly in 60 for say...the Dreamcast (but oddly not the GC...). But even games labelled 60hz only on the box (x360) work with a HDTV fine...why that is I don't know. I've tried games like DOA4 for the 360 and it worked lag free. If you are experiencing lag it is due to your TV or the TV settings themselves rather than the Hz settings.