Do People Still Play Uncharted 2 Online..?

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#1 Posted by dopeboy206 (258 posts) -

How active is the online for this game..?

#2 Posted by 5ssj (328 posts) -

yes, mostly veterans. the rest are trophy hunters and boosting communities. so casual gameplay is likely dead.

#3 Posted by marcheegsr (2992 posts) -

Yes and most of them are insanely good.

#4 Posted by voodoocanzo (55 posts) -

Don't think so uncharted 3 is dead online

#5 Posted by marcheegsr (2992 posts) -

@voodoocanzo: Really? I was playing last month for a good week and found matches no problem.

#6 Posted by thirdson1812 (98 posts) -

i can't even connect to the servers for uncharted 2 mp meaning its practically dead. i know uncharted 3 mp is still alive because it went free to play in february and they made all the maps for free as the second year anniversary.

#7 Edited by voodoocanzo (55 posts) -

Uc3 is dead Tdm is the most popular game mode and it' takes ages to get in a lobby now