DO NOT!!!! try this at home

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So i kinda found a way to um mess up my ps3... this is what NOT to do

DO NOT combine all these 3 things
1. DON'T play music wile
2. using the PS3 browser
3. and do not i repeat DO NOT send a message wile doing the 1 & 2

now lets recap what NOT TO do all at the same time

1. music
2. PS3 browser
3. send a message to a friend

i found out the hard way and now im paying the piper if anyone knows how to tell sony of this complete mess up let me know... thank you

To fix you need a flash card and a computer

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is it normal for the ps3 to crash after doing something as simple as these things? or is my system just about to break?
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PS3's RAM sucks, it can't run multiple programs at once...

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The ram is limited.

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I uh... I use mine to play games... See... And, well, it works great. Y'know?


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In my experience, the browser can freeze up your machine quite a bit.
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Well I've done all three of those things at one time or another and never had any problems. Sounds like it's unique to you.
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In theory it can work fine, but when you enter sites with a lot of flash content or anything else that takes up loads of ram you will lock up the poor ol' ps3. Browserquality has improved with a patch a few months back, but it still is emberassingly poor performancewise.

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In my experience, the browser can freeze up your machine quite a bit.Canvas_Of_Flesh

Same with me, the browser freezes mine too.

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what happenes when i do that is my PS3 makes me reinstall 4.31 update it says it cannot find it anymore.