do i need the PlayStation Move Navigation Controller

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#1 Posted by SLAMMIN23 (1471 posts) -

for the playstation move controller to work cause i was just planning on getting the playstation move controller and not the navigation controller

#2 Posted by quizee (601 posts) -
good news man, if u dont wanna buy the navighation controller u dont have to, sony has confirmed u can just usew the dualshock controller that u already have withe the move controller, although it might be akward to hold with one hand, but hey atleast thier giving us the option!
#3 Posted by SLAMMIN23 (1471 posts) -

yea ur right ill probably buy 2 moves and 1 navigation and another navigation sometime late this year

#4 Posted by Zidaneski (8435 posts) -

I love having options.