Do all PS3 controllers have SIXAXIS?

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Hi, I'm going to be buying a Ps3 soon, And have been browsing a few different stores (Im canadian) to compare prices. I just came accross one store, which had one bundle with two controllers(+ other stuff, see below(, but the description of the controllers said dualshock 3 (they were normal wireless ps3 controlers, not like some logitech ones.) Then, In another bundle it had one controller and it's description said Sixaxis controller. So i'm wondering if it was a mistake or if one didn't have sixaxis, Because I want sixaxis.

Also, The first bundle was a $589 for the 80 gig WITH mgs 4, resistance 2, bluray controller, the two controllers that had dualshock description, and an HDMI cable.

The second was your normal 80 gig for $399.

Is the first one worth the extra almost 200 dollars for the games etc? Also, do normal ps3 bundles come with an HDMI cable?

Is the online on MGS4 and resistance still active?

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Can't find edit button sorry, but whats an Hdmi cable do? Is it really needed?
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yes all Sony ps3 controllers (not sure about all 3rd party ones) Have motion sensing. dualshock just means it has rumble as well.
No, PS3s do not come with HDMI cables but you can get one for about ten bucks at the least.
I dont play MGS4 online because I dont like it but im sure its still active, and yes resistance is still active
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Yes all controllers come with SIXAXIS but not all come with RUMBLE.

HDMI cable is used to connect the PS3 to an HDMI ready system such as a TV or Computer Monitor.

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An HDMI cable just improves the resolution and I think sound too. You can only use an HDMI cable if you have an HD tv, and even then you dont absolutely need one, but I have one and it does make the game look better.
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Thank you for the replies so far =) After doing some math sems like 589 bundle is worth it.