did your last game purchased, really worth it?

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#1 Posted by Mikako (70 posts) -

I can say I'm pretty much satisfied with the 2 games i have on my Vita.

Dokuro and ragnarok odyssey

#2 Posted by A7xhto (69 posts) -

I am really enjoying Ragnarok odyssee and assassins creed liberation atm, both titles are very worth it.

#3 Posted by 4-Legged-Shark (1031 posts) -

personally, I think the last two games I purchased for my Vita, LBP Vita and MGS HD, did really worth it. They really really did worth it.

#4 Posted by Intense00 (57 posts) -

retail- nope... downloadable-yes

#5 Posted by slamminjammin69 (1599 posts) -

yeah my last regular PSP game purchase was worth it. Bought Ace Combat X Skies of Deception for just 9.99 at a small town department store called Pamida. They also had the Indiana Jones Staff of Kings game too.

#6 Posted by Granpire (2749 posts) -

They also had the Indiana Jones Staff of Kings game too.


That game was really, really fun. Flew way under the radar, but it was a lot more fun than anyone would have thought. Great combat with lots of improvised weapons, good dialogue (if I remember correctly), lots of abilities to unlock, and overall a great Indy vibe to it.

Or maybe I'm remembering it wrong. But I remember having a lot of fun. :P

As for my last game purchased, that would be Super Crate Box on Playstation Mobile. Really worth it. $3.50 and I've gotten over 20 hours out of it. It's my perfect mobile game. Easy to pick up and play for short bursts, but still difficult and somewhat complex.

It's also free on PC if you want to check it out first, but honestly, the Vita's buttons are far better than any keyboard, and the D-Pad probably beats any PC controller, so the Vita's still the best platform to play on if you can part with $3.50. Keep in mind it's only $2 on iPod, but you're not getting button controls, which this game desperately needs.

#7 Posted by topher78714 (672 posts) -
I bought three games recently and all of them I'm VERY satified with and addicted to Zero Escape: Virtue's last reward - AMAZING game and very mind twisting. I 100% recommend it if people like a good mystery/thriller type story. Ragnarok Odyssey - Great game especially if you are monster hunter fan and like games where you can team up to bring down giant monsters AC3:Liberation - Assassin's Creed game. I've been a fan of the series so I love that it's now on a handheld. It looks like the Vita is finally hitting it's stride and recently I have been unable to put it down.
#8 Posted by yokofox33 (30022 posts) -

Last game I bought was Zero Escape. I haven't played it yet, but I already know it was worth it. I loved 999, and this one will be no different I believe.

#9 Posted by The_King82 (47 posts) -

Dynasty Warriors Next and tottally worth it. 15+hours in and still going strong.

#10 Posted by jakesnakeel (169 posts) -

My last two PSN purchases have been totally disappointing... Retro City Rampage and Sound Shapes.. Retro City, I get absolutely no fun out of. Sound Shapes is cool for 30 minutes, but it's a simple novelty.

#11 Posted by Apocalypse324 (1486 posts) -

Im enjoying Disgaea 3 quite a bit at the moment, wasnt sure Id like it, but whenever Im not playing it I want to be.

Gonna pick up Ragnorak Odyssey, Assassins Creed Liberation, and a third game possibly LBP Vita this weekend

#12 Posted by logicalfrank (1641 posts) -

Only game I have so far is AC III: Liberation. I am kinda meh on it so far so I guess it was not worth it. But my white Vita looks pretty awesome so the package deal was.

#13 Posted by ArchoNils2 (6238 posts) -

Have yet to play the last 3 I got (smart as, AC and Silent Hill), but the demo of Silent hill was epic :D

#14 Posted by TwistedShade (3165 posts) -

Last two i bought where Rayman origins and LBP. Rayman is going strong still but LBP kind of died fast since i haven't played online.

#15 Posted by Granpire (2749 posts) -
You haven't played LBP Online? You're missing out, man. I think I've played more community levels than story levels. :P
#16 Posted by jiggaloj (4345 posts) -

Just got Dynasty Warriors Next and Last Escape. However, I didn't get a chance to play it yet.

#17 Posted by Mikako (70 posts) -

how's AC3 so far?

#18 Posted by logicalfrank (1641 posts) -

how's AC3 so far?


From what I've played, the GameSpot review is fair... So 6.5/10. Great ideas but not fully fleshed out and refined from a gameplay perspective.

#19 Posted by volume_three (2142 posts) -

Awaiting Ragnarok and Liberation to arrive but on hand, yes to New Little King's Story ;)

#20 Posted by TwistedShade (3165 posts) -

Just got Liberation from Kmart. Hopefully i enjoy it despite the reviews on it.

#21 Posted by SpinoRaptor24 (9997 posts) -
LBP and New Little Kings Story. Both were excellent and I'll soon be picking up Virtues last reward.
#22 Posted by gregbmil (2609 posts) -
I got Need for Speed. I'm happy with it, I just wish the graphics were better. It looks like a psp game if you ask me
#23 Posted by Ovirew (6422 posts) -

Well, the last game I got was Frobisher Says!, but that was completely free and totally worth it.

The last game I paid for was MediEvil on PSOne Classics, and while the game hasn't aged terribly well, it's still pretty fun and nostalgic and was reasonably priced at like $5 or something.

Before that I got Escape Plan. I still think the game is pretty good, but I think it is overpriced and I wish all of the DLC would have just been part of the game, so I guess in retrospect Escape Plan wasn't worth what I paid for it.

The only cart game I have is still Gravity Rush, which I got for free with my system. If I had paid for the game, and paid more than $15, it probably wouldn't have been worth it. I did pay for the DLC, and that was not worth it, and should have been part of the game since there's not much content there aside from some really challenging race missions. If GR didn't have DLC, or if the DLC was free, it would have been worth it for me because I got the main game for free. But because I bought all of the DLC, and because the game is still probably priced at over $30 in most places, it isn't worth it.

#24 Posted by flowersjf (2856 posts) -
Street Fighter x Tekken was the last game I bought for the Vita and I love it. I plan on buying AC Liberation next.
#25 Posted by renome (49 posts) -
Assassin's Creed III: Liberation - not worth it.
#26 Posted by danish-death (5314 posts) -
Bought plants vs zombies. Expensive but enjoyable with a lot of content and tons of trophies
#27 Posted by Rattlesnake_8 (18414 posts) -
Mortal Kombat for $9.99.. yup that was def worth it!
#28 Posted by Bigboi500 (30306 posts) -

The only game I have right now for Vita is AC3: Liberation because it came with the bundle I bought. I probably wouldn't have bought the game otherwise, but I think it's ok. The next games for Vita I'm going to buy are LBP Vita and Persona 4 Golden and I know they'll be worth the price.

#29 Posted by Hanzoadam (6576 posts) -

Last Game I got was Miku Hatsunes Project Diva F and Yes it was very worth it, its not left my Vita since I got it and Probably won't till Persona later this month

#30 Posted by Kaze_no_Mirai (11489 posts) -
Last retail game I got was Assassins Creed Liberation but I haven't played it yet since I was waiting to go through Assassin's Creed 3 first, now that I beat AC3 I will start Liberation. Before that it was actually LBP Vita and while I enjoyed that game a lot I haven't played it as much I'd like with so many other games releasing and a huge backlog.. plus work and school.
#31 Posted by AmazonTreeBoa (16745 posts) -
Yes I am happy with the last two games I bought. I bought The Walking Dead and Journey.
#32 Posted by DeviIHuman (203 posts) -

Street fighter VS Tekken and Ragnarok Odyssey

I'm about to purchase AC 3 Liberation but my friend showed it to me, after I played it poof I change my mind

#33 Posted by Mikako (70 posts) -

I'm totally enjoying my puchase as well.

Too bad for my friend tho, he was really excited to his AC3 Bundle. Sadly, the "bundle" was not really good. No Freebies or anything. And also he played it for like an hour or so and he regreted getting AC3

#34 Posted by ChiYeon (41 posts) -
In spite of low rating of dokuro, i suprisingly loving the game so far
#35 Posted by TwistedShade (3165 posts) -

Assassin's Creed and it's a huge letdown. Thankfully i only spent 20$ on it since i had Kmart points that i was forced to burn through.

#36 Posted by Mikako (70 posts) -

wondering when will they drop the prices

#37 Posted by KiD_ReMiX (255 posts) -

The only game I have for my Vita atm is Lumines and i love it.

#38 Posted by Mikako (70 posts) -

The only game I have for my Vita atm is Lumines and i love it.


seems like a game that is not for me @_@

#39 Posted by Granpire (2749 posts) -
Lumines is awesome. I actually put it back in my Vita for the first time in a couple of months and I'm having so much fun. I just beat my highscore tonight (370,000ish). It's a little like Tetris, only much prettier, much better-sounding, and much more engaging(to me). It can feel very difficult and unfamiliar in the beginning, but give yourself a chance and you'll be an expert in no time. It's only 20 at Future Shop.
#40 Posted by Mikako (70 posts) -

im not into tetris @_@

#41 Posted by shinigami-uk (148 posts) -
just purchased ridge racer on psn and its not too bad. just has an annoying menu to navigate through.
#42 Posted by Granpire (2749 posts) -
Ugh, that game with 3 tracks and 5 cars? There's no way you can argue that Ridge Racer is worth a purchase...
#43 Posted by DeviIHuman (203 posts) -

I love the how the cars drift on Ridge Racer lol

#44 Posted by Kukurochan (24 posts) -
Purchased games: Dokuro (puzzle game) - Done Ragnarok - Done Call of Duty - Next What do you think of this? LittleBigPlanet Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation Gravity Rush Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Need for Speed: Most Wanted Persona 4 Golden