Diablo worth getting?

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Getting amazing reviews, but it looks repetitive and the graphics don't look that good. What am I missing? good fun factor?

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Well, it's an old PCPS360 game ported to PS4, so the graphics were never going to look that good.

That's called cross gen developed. That's when they take a game that was on PS360 (or older PC titles) and port it to new hardware. The new hardware is capable of far more, but this game's assets were originally designed for lower spec hardware. Sure, they sprinkle resolution and framerate and maybe a few effects on the PS4 game, but it's still a lower end game developed for weaker hardware.

When you are judging a game's graphics, be aware if the game was on a last gen system like the PS3. Games like WatchDogs, Destiny, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, even the upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider are running on decade old hardware.

If you want to be impressed, look at the titles that are Only on PS4 or games only on PS4/Xbone/PC. Games like Batman Arkham Knight coming next year, Uncharted 4, or The Order should impress you if graphics are your thing. Games that are on PS360 and then ported to PS4, those aren't going to be that impressive by comparison.

Of course, gameplay is vital, clearly, but my post was to clarify why Diablo 3's graphics 'don't look that good' to you. It's because it's a cross gen developed game running on five systems (PC, PS3, 360, Xbone, and PS4).

Is the game good? I own it on PC. I thought it was decent, but no where near as great as Diablo 1 and 2. Different team developed those though. If you like Champions of Norrath, Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance, and previous Diablo games then check it out. Otherwise maybe you should consider skipping the game.

It's an isometric dungeon crawler. Some would say it's repetitive, others would say it's addicting. I can tell you it's more fun if you have someone to play with though. Online or next to you on the couch. I prefer couch co op personally (can laugh, get a beer together, take tiny breaks together, etc).

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Thanks for the reply man. I like some dungeon crawlers. I guess my only question was do they do anything to keep it fun and entertaining, story, cool main boss fights, etc, cool level design. Or does it seem like once you played through the first 20 minutes it's all the same.

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If you want a old fashioned couch co-op dungeon crawler/hack N; slash/Action RPG. Then yes Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil edition is worth playing. It is an expansion of Diablo 3 for the Playstation 3 which was released last year. So think of this game as a GOTY edition of Diablo 3 rather than a true sequel. If you like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 1 & 2, Champion's of Norrath 1 & 2, Gauntlet Seven Sorrows and Gauntlet Dark Legacy on Playstation 2. Or Untold legends Dark Kingdom, Diablo 3, Dragon's Crown, LoR War of the North, Hunted the Demon's Forge, The Cursed Crusade. On the Playstation 3. And the original Diablo on the original Playstation.

Hack and Slash co-op couch old school dungeon crawl fun. So If you like these type of games and have not played the PS3 version of Diablo 3. Then get the Playstation 4 Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil edition. It is a great reviewed game with 9 out of 10.

Yes it is worth getting, but only if your a huge fan of these games. Otherwise wait until later when the game is lower in price if dungeon crawlers are not really your thing.

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Yes Diablo worth getting

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We got it for PS4. Graphics in the cut scenes are amazing and pretty good during game play. My bf says it's "the best dungeon crawler ever." He even took the day off of work today to play it. He's a pretty old school gamer and he's really having fun with it.

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ive been loving it,had it on ps3 and upgraded thinking ill transfer character but said screw it (he was only lvl 22)and started over . im having a blast with it ,its really addicting i think the graphics are good and ive had no framerate issues at all yet even when i had a killstreak of 60 going on.definitely worth buying

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If anyone has it for ps4 add me. I got it yesterday. I have like a lvl 12 crusader just soloing so far. Add me and maybe we can do some party stuff.

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Great game. Spent many hours on the PC version. Was debating on buying the expansion for pc. Since I'm overseas with a mid grade laptop I decided to get the ultimate edition for ps4. Graphics aren't on par with pc but, the gameplay experience is a whole lot better on ps4. Miss the auction house but, we all know how that went. Great game on ps4 I would recommend getting it if you are into hack and slash.

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I used to have the game on the 360 and played DH. I leveled it to the max level and when this was released I didn't know if it was worth another $60 to get. I did enjoy it the first time so I figured why not and this time I was going to run a crusader...honestly I'm having a blast. There have been multiple improvements over the 360 version (mailing items to friends, loot 2.0, adventure mode) that I think it is worth it. I 100% recommend it, the best thing is it is the type of game where you can play it for a month or go, get bored, and then go back a few months later and roll a new character and still enjoy it again. I think it is worth the price and would be happy to game with you or anybody else (I think I may also roll a WD because I have heard that is a lot of fun to play as).

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Hell yeah. Especially if you've never played before. I'm having a great time.

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I would get it for PC, but correct me if I'm wrong, no gamepad support on PC?? That's an awful lot of clicking with a mouse.

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Thanks for the reply man. I like some dungeon crawlers. I guess my only question was do they do anything to keep it fun and entertaining, story, cool main boss fights, etc, cool level design. Or does it seem like once you played through the first 20 minutes it's all the same.

It's a great game. I have it on ps3, and decided to buy the ps4 Ultimate Evil Edition and dont regret it. It's 1080p, 60fps, you can port your previous save from ps3/360 to either ps4 or xb one, the UE edition comes with the expansion, the original game, new class, and a new adventure mode where (it's described as open world, I havent unlocked it yet) you hunt for bounties and what not. And yes, there are a ton of bosses. The level designs are random. Meaning each time you start a new game on a harder difficulty, there are more random things that open up for you to explore and what not.

Bottom line, if you like dungeon crawlers, then this is your game.

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Been sucked in it for the past 10 days, I can't say it's not repetitive (I mainly use 3 or 4 attacks out of the 6 possible, so it's really limited in strategy), graphics are really detailed, but when there's 30+ mobs on screen and effects, I barely know where my character is, even less the appearane of some mobs. The equipment management is good, but the merchant selling things is useless as you find better stuff for free. Even the blacksmith is useless for now as I found such great rare and legendary stuff the ones I craft are not often interesting - but that will change at lvl 60 and 70 I guess.

Difficulty has spikes for no apparent reason, you'll crush 10 or 15 mobs groups, then one will just be a pain and possibly kill you - wheich takes me to the avenger thing : when you die, one of your friends will encounter the creature that killed you, more powerful with better loot and XP, this can go up 5 times and he disappears. Some are just unbeatable.