Deus Ex ending wtf?

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hey i just beat deus ex. good game but whats with the ending? you are given all these choices but you don't get to see how any of them play out? just an inspirational speech from jensen and clips of protests and serious stuff lol? whats the point of all the choices when you don't get to see anything play out? lol its like mass effect all over again, atleast with that one they gave some kinda insight to what happens after with the extended cut. this games ending was dissapointing as hell.

i chose the hugh barrow ending btw cuz i thought it was the right thing to do i guess. i saved before and saw all of them but they are pretty much the same thing, just a different speech. oh and whats with the little scene after the credits? is it the same scene with every ending? what does it mean did megan betray you again or something?

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You have to know the old Deus ex games to really get the ending i think. There may be a sequel too or a collection of all deus ex games.
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oh well that sucks. ive never played any other of the deus ex games. i dunno it just seemed like a lot of ppl were praising this game for having great story and ending and stuff. the story was good but the ending was pretty stupid. i bought into the hype and played through this game and enjoyed it but really didn't think it was all that amazing.

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Save before picking an ending and then reload the save so you can see all four choices.
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Save before picking an ending and then reload the save so you can see all four choices.Kravyn81
yeah i did do that. its pretty much the same thing. adam just says an inspirational speech with video clips of protests and serious stuff in the background. they don't show how any of the choices play out or anything
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That is Deus Ex for you. If you're interested you can google the endings of the original Deus Ex. The endings were somewhat different depending on which ending you picked. But the games were never really about the endings so much as the journey there. I doubt you ever played System Shock 2 (a crime that that game was not very successful), but the ending for that one wasn't much to see.