Destiny is finally coming. . . Is anyone getting it ?

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Just put down 30.00 at gamestop. The midnight release is on my day off so I will def be playing it and on PS4.

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Not me. After alpha/beta I found myself not so pumped about the game. I'm sure it will be a good time but I'm holding off on it for the time being.

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I'm getting it, but I'm not like super pumped for it or anything.

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most DEFINITELY getting it for my X360.

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Might pick up the PS4 Destiny bundle if I find it in stores. Not ganna bother pre ordering.

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My Son and I will be playing it together. Getting a standard copy at midnight launch and ordered a Limited Edition online. I was the opposite when it comes to impressions of the game; I was "meh" about the game as I was not a fan of Halo but getting the chance to play the Beta, the "salad bar" approach to what game offers kind of spoke to me. While I'm not sure about the End-game I think I see enough there to easily get my money's worth.

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i am getting it as well, i am not totally hyped for it though the beta left the impression of a very good game... :D

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I've had this shit pre-ordered since January I think. I also have the Ghost Edition locked up at Gamestop. I'm so damn excited for this game.

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Not interested, not my genre to be fair, I enjoyed the beta until I left the world and it was all menu's and stuff and I just feel it's still last gen and there are better and more unique and strange universe games coming No Man Sky and Star Citizen look like they blend space and worlds so much better, i may pick it up later but for the time being, I'm not one for FPS games anyway so this just not speak to me

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I thought the beta was "OK" but not enough to make me want to buy it.

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Pre-paid the Digital Guardian Edition forever ago on PS4.

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Pssht. Is anyone getting it.... Of course everyone is getting it! Looking forward to taking the following day off and playing. Hopefully there weren't be too many online bugs.

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no i dont like MMO style games

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eh i dunno. it was ok. maybe if its ever on sale

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Maybe Maybe not. I already play the Beta and I find Destiny meets Halo and Boarderlands, been there-done that. I'll wait for GS review and possibly, Angry Joe to see what he has to say and if they turn out to be good, I'll look into buying it for my PS4.

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I'm getting it. But only because it's coming with the white PS4 bundle. I could get the console by itself, but then I wouldn't have much else to play. (That I'm interested in.)

Other than that, I'd wait for it to go down. Good game, but I wouldn't pay $60 for it.

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I am getting it. I am putting the final three hundred down for it this weekend. I was going to do it last weekend, but it was too busy.

The beta is something worth remembering and I expect the full game is better and reviewers are enjoying it.

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I will definitively grab one for my ps4. I played alpha/beta and this is a game that i have been waiting for a while and i'm so excited :). I liked all aspect of that game such as dungeons, group events etc.

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Have no choice getting it with the white PS4 bundle :P lol

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Hell yeah I am. I was planning on getting a next gen around November some time when some games had come out, then I won a beta code from Gamespot and I loved it so much on PS3 that I pre-ordered the PS4 Destiny bundle.

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Seems like an over-hyped high-tech borderlands. I barely have time to play FFXIV as it is. I'm going to keep on with that, and once I get to a point where I feel like throwing something else in the mix... I have about 6,000 other games to play.

Maybe next year... if I get bored

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I am glad you don't have to pay subscription that would suck.

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I'll be grabbing it day 1 along with NHL 15 on the same day.

I'll probably be a Warlock as I only tried that and Hunter in the Beta and enjoyed Warlock more. Usually I'm the kind to be a quick sniping kind of character but for some reason the Warlock was more appealing to me.

I might do the midnight release as well, but I'm not sure yet.

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Maybe if I see it for like 30 bucks on Black Friday.

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Not my cuppa tea either . Getting some peer pressure of my mates as they are getting it, but still not enough reason for me to get it.

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Possibly getting it once released and reviews are in. I like the fact that's there is no subscription (ahem Elder Scrolls Online)

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Yep im getting it for the PS4 please feel free to add me

PSN ID: Badjack05

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I'll be renting it since it seems like a good game but I don't feel its a must buy. If I really end up enjoying it I might buy it.

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I'm getting it for PS3. Gonna be going to the midnight release in my town for it. Anybody else getting Destiny on a PS3 so we can team up?

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@Bigboi500 said:

Pre-paid the Digital Guardian Edition forever ago on PS4.

I thought about getting that. But eh, decided to go hard copy. Is Gamestop giving any bonuses for pre ordering ?

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@mastermetal777 Hey metal, I'd love to team up some time. I'm also getting the ps3 version. The beta left me wanting some more. My psn id is Arcturus-Prime.

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@arcturus-prime: Sweet. My PSN is soulharvester45. Look me up sometime, and I'll look you up when I get back to my PS3 (classes are killing my free time lol)

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MOST DEFINITELY getting it on either X360 or PS4.

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I'll be getting it for the PS3. Sadly most people I know who I gamed with are getting it for PS4. For any PS3 gamers who are looking for a "clan," I need a few people to coop with. I'm assuming time zones might be an issue, in which case I'm Central Standard Time. I have a headset/mic.

PSN: toxic_jackal

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Getting it day 1

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still waiting for this game to come to europe

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Already pre-loaded onto my PS4.

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Preloading now, didnt get to play the beta, cant wait!

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@toxic_jackal: I'm playing on the PS3. Add me of you want a fireteam and/or raid member. PSN ID is: soulharvester45

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No. The game's pretty bad...

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Have limited edition preordered for PS3, looking forward to it!

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@nyc05 said:

Already pre-loaded onto my PS4.

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@digitm64 said:

Possibly getting it once released and reviews are in. I like the fact that's there is no subscription (ahem Elder Scrolls Online)

Theres no subscription because

1) Its not an MMO.

2) Its not getting constant updates like an MMO. just DLC that we have to pay for ... (which ironically is basically a subscription)... if you want to stay relevant.

Anyways... I want to buy it, but for some reason on PSN on PS4 I can only buy the £85 edition? why would I want that? I cant see any option for the £55 version.

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I don't see the point of it. It's not an MMO but plays like one. I don't see the advantage of playing this over whatever token FPS you want to kill your friends with. An ongoing storyline yeah that's really worked well with online games like never?

It's Halo multiplayer for people who don't own an Xbox from what I can see though I might be wrong, usually am.

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i will on whichever system has the most sales

imo bout time that for third party games, combine servers

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@Young_Charter: when it's on pc