Destiny alpha access

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I've signed up for the alpha on PS4 just one minute after it was announced during the Sony conference,but I haven't received any confirmation yet.So I'm thinking that I probably didn't get in.I wonder how is Bungie deciding who gets to play it.Is it first come-first served,random,or are they giving priority to certain people ?

Did anyone manage to get in so far ?

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Everybody who signed up will get in.

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@Bigboi500 said:

Everybody who signed up will get in.

Sarcasm ?

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@Sun-Tzu-GE said:

@Bigboi500 said:

Everybody who signed up will get in.

Sarcasm ?


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@Bigboi500: This is awesome ! Thanks for the confirmation !

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@Sun-Tzu-GE said:

@Bigboi500: This is awesome ! Thanks for the confirmation !

This weekend is gonna be fun!

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Not everyone gets in.....

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@darrennewman91 said:

Not everyone gets in.....

Well,since the registration was only open for 3 days,there's a strong chance that everyone who signed up will get in.

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I got a PS plus membership yesterday just for this so I hope it wasn't for nothing.

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I hope everyone gets in, at least that way i know i'm getting in xD

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So it's 12 pm.Did anyone get their email yet ?

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My mate is in but ive had no code. If anyone has a spare one please pm me it :D

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Haven't received a code as of yet...

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I have an extra access code....maybe I'll give it to the first person to contact me and ask for it....

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I downloaded it a lil while ago. It is pretty cool but I don't know if I would go out of my way to buy this at $60. Right now it feels like a slow shooter with the ability to receive loot. Borderlands already does this better. it really comes down to how the co-op play turns out at the higher levels/missions i guess.

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Does anyone on this god damn planet has a spare key? I want to play this all night :(

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Well,F*** Bungie ! I signed up immediately and didn't get a code,yet people signing up at the last minute were the first ones to get them.And I don't think they're sending codes out anymore.I stayed up all night waiting and refreshing my email every 10 minutes.I got my hopes up for nothing.

I know this is a long shot but it can't hurt to ask.If you happen to have an extra code,I would really appreciate it.PM me.

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Got a notification this morning and it said I got in. I clicked it, it started dling the update file and game which is 6684 MB. I have to go to work so I can't play it yet, but as soon as I get home, it's on.

Check in messages on ps4 where it says important from sony at that's where it was. I noticed it on my PS App

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@darrennewman91: been changed they said everyone who sign up gets in. In a tweet

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I am not impressed with this game based on videos and impressions. I don't care how much the game is hyped I am not hopping on the bandwagon. It's too many great 3rd person games coming out.

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@ewalthour: give me your code if you don't like it.I'm desperate to play it lol.It's my only chance to decide if I'm buying it or not.

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What do you guys who got in think of the beta so far? I played a couple of mins and from the 'limited time' I spent, it looks very promising.

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Just saw my code in the inbox this morning. Their opening at the Sony presser really hyped me up.

Can't wait to get into this with a few Coronas tonight. Ya'll going down!

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i got a code a couple days ago.. dont freak out, its not all that great imo

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@Sun-Tzu-GE so, any luck with getting a code? I am not asking because I have one, just found it interesting that you didn't get a code as you were pretty much among the first to "apply".

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@_Judas_: No luck.i don't think they're even sending codes anymore.I'm really disappointed,but what can you do...

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@Sun-Tzu-GE : Dude, that's messed up!

EDIT: Hey, guy! I'm so sorry... I just got a code myself and I thought to myself "maybe I should forward this to that dude from the GameSpot-forums", but...the temptation was too strong... I am now downloading the game as I text. So sorry, dude... I really hope you get a code aswell... Best of luck

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@_Judas_: haha thanks for at least thinking about it.Did you get the code from bungie in an email just now or did someone give it to you ?

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I got it from PlayStation actually.

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@_Judas_: I'm asking because I'm wondering if they're still sending out emails. want to know if there's still hope.How long ago did you get it ?

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Got it in an e-mail from PlayStation about an hour ago. There's still hope, my friend :)

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@_Judas_: Well,that's good to know.Thanks !

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Got a code yesterday evening and it took me all night to download the game but I finally got a chance to play it late last night...

I have to say, it is good but it'll be interesting to see how deep they'll go with the game. Right now, it feels and plays like Halo with some added nuances. I'm not speaking in terms of the RPG elements, just from a general gameplay standpoint. To put it more precisely, it feels like a Halo-Borderlands lovechild. This is not a bad thing at all but I'm curious to see what Bungie does differently, if anything. Everything from your movement on foot and in the vehicle, the jumping, to the enemy behaviors (some even use a gun reminiscent of the needler with rounds that have homing capabilities), it all feels familiar.

Based on this initial playthrough, I'm looking at a solid 8 which is good not taking into account the story/lore or any more wow-factors in the final release. As it stands now, you guys aren't missing out on much

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So,someone sent me a code and I finally got in.I haven't tested the multiplayer yet but I have to say that I'm loving it so far.The gameplay doesn't actually remind me of Halo at all,except for the fact that it's a shooter.I am getting some Borderlands vibe though.It also has some cool MMO elements,like a city where you can meet and interact with other players.I only hope it has a great story to pull me in.

If you want to see someone playing the game VERY BADLY check out my stream:

I don't usually do this kind of thing so I'm not looking for twitch followers of anything like that.I'm just testing the stream because I've never done it before.

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Well I have to say I am thoroughly disappointed. I was hoping for something more different from other shooters today.

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Am I the only one who finds peter dinklage's performance to be god awful? he sounds completely like he has no interest in being there. i swear to god when he gives that line "oh no, its the swarm!" he sounds like he viewed the whole thing as some huge joke. his terrible delivery really kills the mood of the whole game.

and on the whole i'm pretty dissapointed. halo's style of action is a whole lot less fun in a campaign mode thats really grind heavy. its basically borderlands with non of the charm.

visually the game blows too, but that could just be because this is an early build of the game? the jaggies and poor environment textures make the game kind of unpleasant to look at after a while and it gives me a headache. I could also just be spoiled, being a pc gamer first and foremost

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@REforever101: Graphics are acceptable to be "alpha", but nothing that gives a headache or is unpleasant to look. Im sure it will get a polish on graphics.

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Can anyone please hook me up with code

Anyone please help me out

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played if for 2 hours yesterday. Sadly to say, I'm a bit disappointed. It just feels like another shooter right now. I'll give it some more playtime.

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I played for about 45 minutes so far and the one thing I noticed (other than bringing in a new version of the flood) is enemies respawn in the same spots really quickly which may be due to the MMO nature of things but felt a little odd. I teamed up with a couple other people and had a good time. Definitely looking forward to playing more and trying out the competitive MP.