Dead or Alive 5 question

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#1 Posted by chocolate1325 (32539 posts) -

I have been Dead or Alive 5 recently and I am enjoying it but sometimes during some matches the game seems to get stuck a little bit in some. Is this to do with the framerate and is it happening with other peoples versions on PS3.

#2 Posted by josephl64 (4424 posts) - you mean lag? And if so that is probably due to a framerate drop which can't be helped from time to time depending on your connection speed with whoever you are playing against. It's kind of rare for me, like 1 out of 20 games, but maybe I'm just lucky

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are you referring to a quick freeze lasting maybe 1 or 2 seconds that happens from time to time? in training mode, this was happening to me so i looked it up and found out that you need to turn off fight requests in order to stop this from happening. pretty sure this only happens on the ps3 version.