DDR Pad Wiring Question

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Slumber party got nuts the other night and somehow the cord was pulled out of the controller pad. I'm not sure how it's rewired. If someone could pop the cover off an INTEC DDR Dance pad and jot down the wiring connection it would be greatly appreciated. Items Needed: One small Phillips Screwdriver, Pencil, Paper or a digital camera and about 5 minutes of time.

From what I can tell the order appear to be:

| Red | Yellow | Blue? | Tan? | Green? | Orange? | Black |

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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DDR on PSP? :|...
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yes this is PSP forum not PS2 im pretty dang sure there aint DDR or PSPs
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You are correct..... it's on a PS2 my bad......:question:
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I don't see a PS2 forum? How can that be?
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they combined all the older systems in the "Legacy Forum."
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Thanks, I'll post it there