Dark Souls Blue Eye Orb

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hey does anyone know what is the most active spot for pvp using the blue eye orb? i tried the forest but i barely get any. i get more in the burg. i don't get it though, should the forest be filled with guilty players? i don't like invading in burg cuz it's usually just the same ppl over and over again.

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I used to spend a lot of time in the Dark Souls chat room on the wiki and all the guys that were really into PvP there also were in the burg.
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kk forget it. the blue eye thing just takes way too damn long. i wanted to get souvenirs to power up my darkmoon blade but at this rate it would take forever, and im not gonna farm harpies screw that. i got 10 souvenirs and got my rank up to +1 so i guess thats enough. it is still pretty good. had a lot of good matches in the burg today.

random question, what is that orange sword? ive seen some ppl with a short orange curvy looking sword. and almost everytime i fight someone with that thing i get pwned. they 2 hand it and just R1 spam the crap out of me. takes away stamina like crazy. can that sword be parried? damn its fast..

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I think you mean the Gold Tracer, it has a bleed effect on it, which makes it pretty good. You can get the weapon if you have the DLC: Artorias of the Abyss or if you got the Prepare to Die edition, which has the DLC in it. Oh and I think the best spot to use the Blue Eye Orb is Kiln of the first flame, at least that's where I usually go when I want to use the Blue Eye Orb.
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I'm sl 310 n same deal, no action anywhere, with blue orb, on ng5, I have payed NPR at gargoyles now I'm clean, is that a problem?
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My favorite spot to use blue eye orb is in the shortcut between demon ruins and Lost Izalith. I will use the blue orb on Lost izalith side and if I dont invade I run to the demon ruins side and try..... I have very good success rate of invasions and usually the guilty never have phantoms helping in these areas which make it even easier to get the kills.