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Poll: Crash vs Spyro (23 votes)

Crash 57%
Spyro 43%

Which game would you recommend to a person who hasn't played either game

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i would recommend spyro ps1 trilogy they are excellent 3D platformers!

#2 Posted by Glitter (353 posts) -

I prefer Spyro a little more, but I like both about the same.

#3 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (5761 posts) -

Both are good, but I have a huge soft spot for Crash. He's an icon!

#4 Posted by Tokeism (2323 posts) -

I'm saying Crash because Crash has 4 games worth playing (Crash 1, 2, 3 and CTR) while Spyro only has 3 (Spyro 1, 2 and 3)

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I always slightly preferred Spyro due to the levels being a bit more open, but both are classic trilogies and worthy of anyones time.

#6 Posted by GTR12 (9181 posts) -

Crash, its what made me fall in love with PlayStation.

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Spyro all the way. Played all the old ones on PS1 but the true gem in the series is Spyro: Year of The Dragon. Classic. I played the early Crash games and it was ok but didn't too much appeal to me.

#8 Posted by thehig1 (1354 posts) -

I prefer standard platformer more than the collect-a-thon type, so Crash for me

#9 Posted by mastermetal777 (970 posts) -

Hmm...hard to say. I love both games, but Crash is a much easier game to understand, so I'd go with Crash. Nobody cares for collect-a-thons anymore lol.

#10 Posted by Lhomity (771 posts) -

Equal, I guess.

My favorite Crash title, by far, is CTR: Crash Team Racing.

Favorite Spyro title was Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer (known as 'Ripto's Rage' in some countries).

That said, I think Klonoa: Door to Phantomile was the best platformer on PS1, and perhaps the best platformer of it's generation (sorry Mario 64 fans).

#11 Posted by sukraj (22089 posts) -

I like both

#12 Posted by Jaysonguy (37552 posts) -

Avoid both

Neither series is all that good, especially compared to what's offered today

You get a lot of recommendations from children who had their games as their first game played but overall they're not worth playing.

#13 Posted by CTR360 (6975 posts) -

crash series i hope sony make one game for ps4

#14 Posted by SpiderLuke (477 posts) -

Crash. I could never get into Spyro. I'd rather play Croc than Spyro.

#15 Posted by GamerComplex (13 posts) -

SPRASH! I mean Cyro... crap I can't choose. :(

#16 Posted by hyperjj3000 (973 posts) -

Crash, was never a big fan of spyro but why not try both?

#17 Posted by ivo_ree (91 posts) -

Crash is good but I vote Spyro, one of the best 3D game trilogies I ever played on PS1.

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@glitter said:

I prefer Spyro a little more, but I like both about the same.


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I reccomend Disney Infinity... :)