Corrupted Data on internal Memory Card?

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Hello all,

I've had my 80 gig PS3 for about a week now and I love it, but it gave me quite a scare tonight. I was playing Persona 3 and I was about to quit, so I saved. When it brought up the save screen my save file was gone (I just save on that first slot). It also wasn't letting me save on the first slot, so I tried the second. It worked. I backed out of the game and went to the memory card from the XMB. At the very bottom, there were two Corrupted Data blocks. They couldn't be deleted, so I copied my important game saves to yet another internal card and just completely deleted the one with the corrupted data. I also noticed it do something similar the other day when I was playing Odin Sphere (perhaps why there were two corrupted blocks?).

Now I've never had any problems in the past with corrupted data showing up. I've always been extremely careful about letting games finish accessing/saving to the memory cards before I do anything, such as shutting down. Is this just kind of a glitch in the backwards compatibility? Has anyone else had something similar happen?

After all of the work I've put into my P3: FES file, I don't want to loose it. lol.

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I apologize i didnt even read your whole post... but i think i kinda know what you should do..... call sony.

Its a simple procedure...

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i had a similar thing happen to me when i was playing msg3 a few weeks back (to get ready for 4 :) but it was only an isolated event....hope it doesn't happen again
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That's some specific to Persona 3 from what I've seen. Sometimes when you go to save in P3 (playing on a PS3), the save won't work right (and give you a screen with the words 'Save Failed' and the data will get corrupted. You can just try saving again and it'll work fine. It's happened to a number of people on the P3 boards.

You don't actually have to worry about losing your P3 data since it only happens when you try to save in game (at which point you should be playing the current game file, and can just try saving again). No one I've seen really knows why it screws up, but in the end it doesn't turn out to be a big deal. Just make sure while you're in-game, you see the screen telling you 'save successful' before you quit.

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Thanks for the help, I appreciate.

I'm on the P3 boards a lot, but I've probably just overlooked those topics in the past.

Thanks again.