copyright invalid on a game i purchased?

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Hi, i purchased ff7 from PSN just a few days ago. i can play it fine on my ps3 but i want it for my psp.

I've tried installing from media go, and going to the copy option on the ps3 itself. I registered my ps3 and psp together and have went to the options and have activated both under the game activation menu.

I've downloaded the game multiple times trying to get it to install and it still says copyright invalid.

I'm running no custom firmware and have reformatted my memory stick multiple times. What am i missing??

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omg and no one knows the answer :(...

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download the game from the psn on the psp !

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I am doing this now. I really hope it works because I cannot find the solution. I even contacted Sony and no response
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I doubt this will work: Why not try downloading the game from your PSP via the PSN icon. Would that work? it's worth a shot.