Connect PS3 through a Laptop

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Hey guys, i know that there is at least 10 posts about this (i have read them all) but i'm looking for a little help with my xbox/ps3 connection. I have a xbox 360 and ps3 that both have no wireless capability so i looked around and found out you can use your laptop's wireless connection with the systems to connect, here is my setup: I have my laptop connected to the 360/ps3 using a Cat 5E crossover cable, my wireless internet comes from a 2wire wirless router, i bridged the networks and followed all the steps on all other guides but still no connection. If you have any advice (other than a flaming me by saying just by the adapter) please help me out

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ps3 no wireless? but you need to set the internet sharing thing on you laptop then plug in an ethenet cable into laptop/xbox360 and you should be able to get internet.
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i have the 20g, no wireless
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or just go buy a wireless adapter, it connects to your ps3 with ethernet cable and receives wireless signals
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or just go buy a wireless adapter, it connects to your ps3 with ethernet cable and receives wireless signalsfruitkings
i agree

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dont want to be a bother but do you have any suggestions on what kind of adapter to get, i know the usb ones wont work, but i really am not looking to spend a fortune on an adapter
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dont want to be a bother but do you have any suggestions on what kind of adapter to get, i know the usb ones wont work, but i really am not looking to spend a fortune on an adapterABRochford

yeh the 360 ones are pretty expensive and one of the reasons i didnt get a 360. I read somewhere if you use a non-360 wireless thing it needs to have its own powers source, eg plug it into a usb hub then plug that into the power. this kind of thing might work for ps3 im not sure

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Why did you use a cross-over Cat5?
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i used the crossover cable because all the guides and videos on how to do this say to use one, but still i cant get it to work no matter what, both my systems refuse to even recognize any connection
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connect your ps3 to your laptop using the ethernet cable, if your running vista there should be an option where you can find all your connections, click manage network connectios ( lan connection 1, lan connection 2, ) right click one of the lan connection thats connected to the ps3, then properties then click sharing tab then you get an option to share connectios with your ps3, the bridgeing didnt work for me either
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I also have a 20 gig HD PS3 (without wireless) and I figured out how to connect to the internet via my laptop using Ethernet. Note: I have VISTA 64-bit business edition, used straight Ethernet cable (not the crossover one) and didn't do any network bridging. Step1 (Hard part) -------- 1. Make sure your laptop can connect to the internet using WLAN (Wi-Fi) and LAN (Ethernet) without switching between them. Some laptops have a switch option which only allows you to use one at a time. There should be a feature in the BIOS (setup when you first turn laptop on) to turn it off. Make sure both can be used at the same time. 2. I did a quick test. I plugged my laptop with Ethernet to my router and had my wireless on. Using the classic start menu (can be changed by right clicking on taskbar and go to properties and under start menu tab), go to Start->Settings->Network connections. You should see network connections such as Local Area Connection (LAN) and Wireless Network Connection. When my laptop was plugged in, I had both, LAN and wireless connections active (without an X on them). Test your internet via browser. Should work. That should fix a lot of the problems. You can also put the mouse cursor on the network icon on the bottom right corner with the blue globe. Two networks should be visible, LAN and wireless. If you gotten this far, the rest is quite easy. Step 2(Medium part) -------- 1. Take your laptop to the PS3 and connect the Ethernet cable between laptop and PS3. Go back to where all the networks are displayed which I explained earlier from Start->Settings->Network connections (using classic start menu). You should see LAN with a red X on it and the wireless network connection. Make sure you can still access the internet. 2. Right click on the Local Area Connection and go to properties and then the Sharing Tab. The first check box should be unchecked where it says 'Allow other connect through this'. Under home network connection, I have it set to 'Select a private network connection'. The other checkbox is checked but cannot be accessed, where it says, ''Allow other networks users to control or disable.... Press okay and you should be back to the network window. 3. This time Right click on the Wireless Network Connection and go to properties. Make sure you still have a globe on the bottom right corner (Still have access to internet). Go to the sharing tab. This window should be similar to the LAN one. Have both checkboxes checked. Under Home Network Connection, choose Local Area Connection. Press okay. You should be back to the network window. On the Wireless Network Connection, you should see the SSID name, green bars and the word shared after the SSID network you're connected to. The LAN icon should say network cable unplugged with a red X on it. Step 3(Easy part) -------- 1. On your Playstation go to settings->Network Settings. Go to Internet Connection Test. The PS3 will start connecting to the laptop and the Ethernet jack on the PS3 should start flashing green. It should find the IP address and connect. On the network window on your laptop, the LAN icon should say Enabled and then Unidentified network. You shouldn't be seeing the red X mark on it. 2. Your PS3 should be connected now. Test it out. You can also still access the internet using your laptop simultaneously with the PS3 using the internet. Remember, there should still be a green globe on the network on the bottom right corner. 3. That's it. Hope this lengthy explanation helped. Worked for me so should work for you. Peace out!
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it worked! amazing! thanks.

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Yeah, I was wondering what wireless adapter to use for the ps3 to get online. I'm going to try the laptop idea, but I want to keep both options opened. Any ideas about which type of wireless adapter, and how to set it up? My best friend is bugging me to join him online to play Call of Duty lol.

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Wow, I really did NOT think this would be possible.

I was getting ready to bust out my "Impossible, can't do it" on you...but alas, you have made it happen.

That is really pretty cool. Is the connection still good or is it degraded or laggy at all?

I don't need to do this, I am just wondering if you get alot of latency from such a connection.

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hey. don't know if you can help me out but on the last step my ps3 keeps saying "the attempt to obtain the IP adress timed out"
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man such a bad idea...

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I want to connect my PS3 to the internet through my laptop. I have a telstra wireless dongle. I have looked elsewhere on the internet and the advice given doesnt seem to work. I have bought an ethernet cable and an ethernet crossover cable and neither work. Help