CoD: AW or BF: Hardline? Which one do you want to play? Why?

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I usually compare Call of Duty to Battlefield and BF has been my game of choice every year except when CoD4: MW came out, but since this year there isn't a new BF game since it was delayed to 2015 then CoD will be my game.

Actually even if BF: Hardline would have still came out this year CoD: Advanced Warfare would have still been the game I will play, because I could careless for anything but a military type shooter. The beta of Hardline sucked and it was boring, as I could careless about the whole cops and robbers thing.

Dice should have made Bad Company 3.

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Whichever has the better SP campaign.

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Neither for me as I said in the other thread.

If I had to choose, it would be BF, but I am not interested in either all. If EA and Activision canceled these titles, I wouldn't even notice.

I'm just so tired of these cookie-cutter, formulaic, paint-by-numbers FPS games. I'm great at them, but I'm bored of them.

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Neither because I've enough of each franchise. I was done with Battlfield after Battlefield 3 and done with Call of Duty after the first Black Ops. I guess I did rent MW3, but that only made me want to stay further away from those games. I think both are going on a decline, but I honestly would love to see a Bad Company 3 or to see Call of Duty return to WWII. Bad Company is what first got me into Battlefield, and World at War was what got me into Call of Duty and remains my favorite of the ones I've played.

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I've been playing COD since COD 2 back in the day. I've been playing Battlefield since BF 2 on pc. Okay so every COD game for the past five years have had the same graphics and we all know what we are in store for every year. So, with Cod track record from what I've seen and it's never broke to where it's unplayable online I'm leaning towards COD. Now, onto the dark subject which kills me. Since BF 2 on pc the franchise has changed. This last outing which I was really hyped about and pre ordered 6 months before the game came out. A lot of first person shooter gamer's have a real bad taste in their mouths after what EA did with the battlefield franchise. It took them 8 months after the game came out to roll out "high performance servers" to support multi player game play. Usually the turn around time for the battlefield games is two years. But, wait while we are fixing the game still how about you try our Hardline beta while we still fix BF 4. Horrible. Period. I plan on buying COD over BF hardline hands down. EA done pooped in my wheaties and plenty of gamers wheaties.

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For me it's neither as well, got too many other titles coming out that I want more. I'm a battlefield 4 player, gave up on cod after black ops. I feel like hard line is a bit of a money making project , especially after I pay for premium bf4 !

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i'll most probably end up getting both for the sp (i am especially looking forward to hardline, since visceral's stories are very enjoyable), will try mp, again i'll play cod mp most probably more since some of my cod fan friends do not play any other game... :)

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Neither. I play BF3 on PC and BF4 on PS4 but am not interested in Hardline. I played all CoD games without Ghosts but only because of the SP. Never was into the multiplayer.

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I will probably end up getting both but I have way more interest in Hardline.