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If you can save up and afford to buy a 3DS/2DS while keeping your Vita, that would probably be the best option. You'll be up for more money in the short-term, but you'll have more options and more enjoyment in the long-term, and you won't find yourself regretting the decision later on when you're stuck with one. You can have the best of both worlds!

I have a Vita and a 3DS XL, and though I spend way more time on my Vita, I wouldn't want to lose my Pokemon and stuff. Sorry if that isn't very helpful.

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I wouldn't sell the vita if I were you. 2014 is looking great.

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You must be out of your mind.

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Don't do it. Great games coming out for the system this year.

Vita is love. Vita is life.

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The objective way for me to answer is to point out that your Vita list is a good deal longer than your 3DS list.

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There are plenty of fantastic games available for both platforms, personally I would never sell hardware for other hardware. I would keep the Vita personally and if possible save up for a 3DS separately even if takes a while. It would be worth it since you'd have both platforms and both lists to play.

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I'm thinking about selling my 3DS lol

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I would say keep your PS Vita for now there's a lot of good games on the way coming, you might be better off saving up for a 3DS plus likely special offers will come up on bundle deals with games on top of that

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Hi FlyingPieGuy, hows it going? That's a tough call to make. I also own a vita and a 3ds XL and couldn't imagine one without the other. If you own the first vita model the OLED display is beautiful and the colors are brighter in comparison with the vita's latest model which holds a LCD screen. Your exclusives are lined up well against each other and that must be the hardest part. With both handhelds still fairly early in their life cycle more good games are sure to come. Maybe you can own both. Good luck!

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@flyingpieguy said:

The 2DS is quite tempting in my eyes :o

$100 off the XL price over here (original 3DS model is discontinued here).

Go ahead and buy it, then. For everything you've written here, you truly want a Nintendo handheld. Play your endless Mario/Zelda/Pokémon games. Again and again. Until you get old and wither away. Whatever. But I still think that you'll be sorry once you sell your PS Vita.

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@flyingpieguy: If you plan to buy a PS4, then keeping your Vita for remote play, and cross-buy games is a good idea.

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i have both myself and keep in mind that gaming on the 3ds is more expensive than on the vita in the long run.. the games are just sometimes flat out cheaper and often we get discounts and deals.. if you have a ps plus subscription we get more free games and such..

the 3ds while great really has to catch up on these matters.. old gb games sell of 5$ which IMO is criminal looting

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