Class Of Heroes 2 (PSP) SUPPORT! JRPGs!!!!

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#1 Posted by AdrianWrz (530 posts) -

So Gaijinworks is makeing a lil event if 2,500 people sign up that they want physical edition of Class of Heroes 2  it will release limited print of physical copies of the game.

All you have to do is sign the petition on their main website.


so support the game guys, we need more JRPGs coming over the seas to USA here, and this guys are one of the compies out their that actually listen to the fans.

 You do get both the digital and physical copies of the game for same price 34.99 so you can play it on PSP/PS Vita.

#2 Posted by yokofox33 (30020 posts) -

Meh, not interested in the game that much, but I'll signup to support the game being released. I know it's hard to get JRPG support these days.

#3 Posted by Eikichi-Onizuka (8053 posts) -
I'm not really interested in a standard UMD release(was on board for the kickstarter because I used to love WD CEs), I'll just download it off PSN and play for the Vita.