Cant Find the name of this old playstation game

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this game is pretty old i dont remember if it was the playstation 1 or 2 ... it was 1-2 player game it was two dark people fighting in the street in a side ways view on adventure it was like alter beast but alittle bit more advance i dont really remember it alot i just remember it was a boss i think person u had to face and i remember him have goggles like cyclops off x men and it was in a small little room fighting him i cant remeber the cover either hope someone help me figure it out it was so long ago ..someone just help me it was 2 players and two man or alien walking and u get to jump and fight ...

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Was it Tekken?

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Double dragon?

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Croc: Legend of the Gobbos?

...seriously though isn't there a thread for forgotten games? There's a few guys on there that could help you out as they really know their stuff... here