Cant Find a PS4 Anywhere

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So i was hoping to get my ps4 at christmas but i cant find one online anywhere. The only ones i can find are like $800 on amazon and im not paying more than the retail price. What i really find is crazy is that i cant still preorder or reserve one from the stores that are sold out or even the Sony store. Does anybody have any idea what the deal is? Why isnt Sony putting out more consoles or at least letting us preorder or reserve one? The least they could do is let us know when we can expect more to come out and if there will actually be enough for everybody this time.

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Beats me, probably allocating resources for the european launch. I'd give it a few weeks, I also want one for christmas.

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keep checking it keep track of PS4 stock online

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Rumors are going around a new shipment will arrive sometime in early/mid December.

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you'll have to be very lucky if u find a PS4 before Christmas.

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I hope you will get a PS4 for christmas, but nothing is certain at this point

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Im hoping to get my ps4 around xmas but im realistic and if its not possible i'll get one in the new year when there are more stocks available, least it'll give me some time to get a couple games for it in the meantime.

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Wanna buy mine for 550? Ive been too busy on my xbox one...

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Same here, I'm trying to get one before Christmas since I'll be getting a few games then and being able to play them would be nice. I'm hoping by mid-December I'll be able to find one, which is fine since I'll be done my final semester then and hopefully be able to celebrate with a PS4.

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On Amazon, sign up to be notified when it becomes available. When it does buy it quick, have one click purchase ready to go. That's what I did.

Craigslist in my area (college town) has them cheaper than ebay. ~$100 mark up. Ebay is super expensive because Ebay takes a 10% cut, Paypal takes 3% and then add shipping. If you buy it from a 3rd party get the original receipt.

If you go the craigslist route, choose a public place where there are security cameras and bring a friend with a legally owned firearm with a concealed carry permit (if you live in a free state), or in the least some pepper spray and have a friend to supervise from a distance.

Amazon is the best option, but no guarantees they will become available by xmas. There are hardly any good games for PS4 right now, so no harm waiting a couple of months.

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People knew this was gonna happen. Should have been prepared

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When I picked up my preorder in Sweden there where a guy there trying to buy one. Mid-january at the earliest was the answer he got. They had more preorders than they could meet.

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@anzelm: That seems to be the case for all of Europe, even down here in Australia, the earliest is mid-jan, every store is sold out of 1st and 2nd shipments, with the 3rd selling out just as fast.

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@leonidas706: The problem is you're looking online, go to stores instead I saw a woman in Gamestation in the UK simply go up to the counter and ask for a PS4 and was sold one there and then, nof uss no bidding, no overpricing. People need to realise that online is where everyone is at, very few think to go to a store.

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Maybe just keep checking Amazon. I didn't have a pre-order and I was able to order one the day after it launched. Check every hour I guess.

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By the way, I think EB games does this; I think you can reserve a PS4 (you put a deposit down), and EB games will call you when they have some in stock. So if you guys have the money, I would call to check if they still do this.

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Mid-Jan is what i got from eb games and every single place i called (edmonton) hasn't even got a second shipment yet

So i got mine off kijiji for +100$, im too impatient

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PS4s are tough to find. People have preordered them months before launch in order to get on before 2014.

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They say that there are more backorders than there were preorders by 2-3 times the amount. Which means that your most probably going to have to wait until the beginning of the year unless your willing to store by store until you find one. But ordering online would probably be more difficult to find one.

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your best bet is to go to Just above the list of retailers, set the alarm to On and turn up your volume. When you hear it go off, one is in stock. although its most likely a bundle. just make sure you're quick on the trigger. make an account and login on each of the sites it has listed if you don't already so its quicker. Looking at the site, newegg/walmart/gamestop/sony have had stock on and off today. good luck!

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Yeah, that is messed up. They should have delivered more. My friend just told me he accidently ordered one on Ebay for $1000 ! He thought it came with a bunch of games and stuff, but its just the PS4, lol ..

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@LexLas said:

Yeah, that is messed up. They should have delivered more. My friend just told me he accidently ordered one on Ebay for $1000 ! He thought it came with a bunch of games and stuff, but its just the PS4, lol ..

lol they made as many as they could. and still are making them as fast as possible. what more can they realistically do?

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The Gamestop by me even said that there's over 300k ppl still waiting on their ps4s the.neighborhood I'm in has about 3 GS and while some ppl got theirs they still waiting for more shipment. They just selling way fast

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I walked into target this morning outside Philly and grabbed the 1 ps4 they had. Im thinking places like target/walmart may get some here and there randomly. When i inquired at walmart b4 they said if its in the sunday ad they should have some to cover. So maybe check for ad previews online?

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Just call everywhere you can honestly. Gamestop seems like they care the most about whether or not you get your system. Other places like Walmart and Best Buy are pretty terrible... Best Buy wouldn't even tell me if they were selling PS4s on Black Friday and told me to come back for "mystery sales" 2 hours later then 4 hours later. I called Walmart and they were a zoo. Meanwhile I go to gamestop and I get my PS4 voucher as soon as I arrive and then waited just a little bit for it. Can't go wrong with gamestop at all.