Can you take a screenshot using the ps3?

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Say you wanted to take a screenshot of a game or even a blu-ray movie... how would I get around to doing this. At the moment Im only interested on taking a screenshot of Planet Earth(Blu-ray) and cant play the movie on my laptop or PC. Of all that sony technology surely you can take a screenshot.

If you cant take one with a ps3 on your TV, can you download software to play the Blu-ray for a laptop? Can Vista computers connect to the TV so it appears on my laptop. Im just discussing possible solutions hopeful one might work. My main issue; take a screenshot of a Blu-ray movie to use on my powerpoint presentaion.

Thanks, Ryan

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yes? No?

I might be best off just renting the darn DVD from somewhere! Better yet maybe I can take one from my ps3! :)

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I dont believe so, but that would be a great function to add. I love going through my old SS's of my PC games, good times. But usually only in MMO's. SO hopefully, if nothing else, they will have them for MMO's they come out with.
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There is one game I know that can do it (Resistance: Fall of Man), but that's built into the game's software and not the PS3's firmware.