Can you play while games are downloading for PS4? I can't!

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I have downloaded Killzone and could never play through the process. I just started downloading Warframe and in Notifications it says it is ready to install and had a download meter underneath it. When I select it it just shows the download bar and won't give me an option to install. Obviously when I click on the game in the main menu, it won't let me play either. What's up? What do I do? I thought we were going to be able to play while it was downloading. Any advice?

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Works for me *shrug*

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Do you have it going through wifi? Or Ethernet port? Maybe that's my problem.

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I think I know what the issue is well not much of an issue but when u download a game if u go to downloads ull notice 2 different downloads of the same game. The actual game AND the game install. Kinda saves u the trouble basically so u probably still downloading the game since it.shows u half the bar and when it says install ready means the game already installed the game all u gotta do is wait for game to finish downloading. Go to notifications and then downloads and see what still downloading.

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I've had a similar problem while downloading a few games. It's always told me that its ready to install but when I go to install it it just stays on a blue screen with the rotating circle. I've left it like that for up to 15~ minutes and nothing happens to I just back out. I have no idea why.