Can the latest Smart tvs play ps1 guns? (Read carefully)

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I have a Samsung Smart HDTV. To be honest, it has done anything that the CRT can do. People talk about how you need CRT's to play retro games, but there is no CRT in the world that plays retro games better than my new HDTV. People just haven't caught onto it yet because the older LCD's and HDTV's didn't play the old games as well. I'm over trying to be a purist because once i have something far superior, I won't be closed minded and refuse it. So I wanted to put that out. The newer tv's truly are smart and do not fail the old games.

I was wondering if this means that the PS1 light guns will work on it. I know that everyone has said it's impossible, but why would that be, considering my game can upscale all the old games perfectly? What's the difference?

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you know what I ain't got the foggiest, why not just try it and see if it happens, but if they say it's impossible the only thing i can think of is the light gun maybe reflected something off the glas of the old tv's and thats how it worked, and now we don't really have glass front tv's the same as we did, but lots of places are saying you can't it has to do with the type of screen more than anything. you need a special light gun but there expensive

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No it won't work.

And your TV isn't special,CRT tvs>any newer TV for old consoles

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Monsieur, you are living in the past if you think that. CRT is inferior to the new technology period. It's just a simple fact. Absolutely no comparison to be blunt. For old consoles the newer tv is better in every single way. I truly feel sorry for you if you refuse to believe it. CRT's are in fact becoming obsolete. You'll never get a better picture on those than on the newest technology. It's okay to be a purist, but there is no denying the fact that an upscale image is far superior. Sometimes nostalgia can make people ignorant. My X men from SNES looks like a PS3 arcade game on the latest tv. There is no CRT that can do that.