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Feel like I need a new game for my PS4. Currently own COD:Ghost and NBA 2k14 (plus other free to play games on PSN). Don't know if I should go with Killzone and see how far of a limit the graphics were pushed being that it is exclusive. Then I ask, why own two FPS? Should Assassins Creed 4 be somewhat of an enjoyable ride despite the freezing issues I've been reading on? Need For Speed looking really good. Injustice also. I'm really open to any game which is what makes my deciding process harder. Anyone willing to shoot some titles out or give feedback on the ones listed would be GREAT!

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i have killzone shadow fall for my ps4 and the game looks beautiful but the story isn't as good as the other killzones. i'd still recommend the game but as a rental. as for assassins creed and need for speed. i hate assassins creed (i tryed the 2nd game but couldn't even sit past the first 10 minutes) and have never really been a fan of the need for speed series.

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I'm not done with it yet but I would call Killzone good not great. I do like learning how best to control The Owl and I liked the chapter "The Doctor" a lot because it was very reminiscent of "Dead Space".

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Killzone isn't worth the price of admission. The SP is blah and the MP gets pretty old, fast. Out of all the games you mentioned I would say AC 4 is your best bet. The SP kept me busy for a good month and I haven't even gone through and 100%'d the game yet. The MP was just okay for me in AC, but the story in SP more than makes up for it.

I'm enjoying Pinball Arcade at the moment. I love Pinball games, so that might be a more biased opinion. The game is still great.

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Id go with AC4, but NFS rivals is fun.

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I'm kind of in the same boat. I rented AC4 for PS3 once and I loved it, but I still wonder if I should plop my money down for a purchase on PS4. I feel like I'm trying to buy something just to buy something for the system. I honestly have been finding more titles I want to play on the PS3. I suppose that's normal at the beginning of a generation. I'm debating on whether to get more for my PS3 or to grab AC4. Personally, if you want a PS4 title, I'd say to get AC4 because Driveclub will be coming free eventually.

Plus, you could probably save about ten bucks if you get a digital code for PS3 on Amazon ($29.99) and then do the digital upgrade for $10 on PS4.