Can I play Facebook games, Y8 games and Youtube videos in my P.S.P.??

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Can I play Facebook games, Y8 games and Youtube videos in my P.S.P.?? How to install Flash Players?? PLS HELP ME!! Thank you!! :-)
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no, im still hoping that they'll update the flash though

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I know how to,but tell me how to level up very fast
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Reply my question with A TRUE STATEMENT. You will level-up fast.
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I know you can't watch youtube, and I'm pretty sure facebook games won't work either.
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Can I play Facebook games, Y8 games How to install Flash Players?? Thank you!! :-) still hoping that they'll update the flash though: Y8 games , New y8 com , Y8 mario , Y8 sports games , Y8 new games
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You can't, the psp doesn't have Adobe's flash

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No but im sure it can be done.
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it can be done, but were not allowed to tell you how to do it on here :(

i like to watch streaming videos from youtube,veoh and about 10 other sites on my psp but i would get banned if i told you how to :( although google is your freind :)

psptube is a nice free non copy write program that lets you stream videos from loads of sites including youtube, but i cant tell you any thing about how to get it to work :(

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google is your freind :)

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There's nothing wrong with doing any of those three things, but the later requires a more controversial method. But to put flash games on the PSP, you just need to find the .swf file of the flash game(use Firefox downloadthemall or something similar), and put it in a folder, then visit that file in your browser, bookmark it, and voila, you have your flash game. This video should help: But keep in mind, the PSP can only play VERY SIMPLE flash games, so the odds of finding good ones are slim. Good luck.
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No and no. Sony are lazy, even though Flash is enabled on the PSP, you cannot access YouTube videos...
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Don't know what Y8 is and don't care, but you can't play anything on it, cause Sony and Flash pretty much dislike eachother. Same with the ps3; can't play flash on it either.

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lol way to bring a dead thread alive from about a year ago...