Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Ascension "server script Runtime Error"

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Well because of the broken PSN a friend of mine and i played zombie on ascesion offline and splittscreen. when we reached round 30+ the whole game started to stutter. the display turned grey and the message Server script rutime error (see console for details) G_Spawn: no free entities appeared. whats behind this and how it's to solve? Thx in advance :) PS3
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the psn network doesnt work because of hackers , so maybe thats why the screen went grey and the other thing . maybe it because of the hackers.
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He said he was offline... I'm thinking it was just a bug. G_Spawn could be spawning of Zombies or your players. I would take my disk & clean it. Although this was probably a one-time deal.
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yeah,true it must be a bug
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yeah could be. but we are still wondering because now it happened twice and from round 30+ when we're playing kino der toten or another map everythings fine. no stutter. no problems even on round 40+ but still thanks ;) just wanted to know if anybody is also **** up by this game
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It is not a once only time as my and a mate can never get over round 40 before the message appears. It only happens to me when I play with anyone over round 35 and so me and my mate can never get past round 55 again and cannot get to round 66 as we want. Although you get this message on Ascension it also happens on Kino der toten on xbox. Also wiping the disc does not help as it happed to several time since then.
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You need to stop placing an excessive amount of something and not using it, such as ballistic knives and claymores. So, if you're doing the claymore stock up trick, where as in every round, you pick a particular area and lay down 2 claymores but don't use them solely for the purpose of saving them when you run out of ammo in the later stages, DON'T DO IT. When the server feels that someone is glitching or cheating (if you call it that), then the error comes up, and kicks everyone out. I too use to do the trick, and every time I'd hit round 25-27, I'd get the error... So make sure no one does this in the game, and you should be fine.
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yeah,true it must be a bugreddevil2401

maybe its a beetle, lol *j/k*