Buying PS3 off eBay?

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Has anyone bought their PS3 off eBay? I'm low on cash so any money saved is *thumbs up*. I see that 80GB models, new and unopened, go for about 300US. This seems a little low to me, 100 bucks off a new console. Any thoughts on how much I should be looking to pay or the reliability of consoles bought off eBay?

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Its late, and I need to go to sleep. But; two quick tips from an old time (1998 to 2005) ebay Seller with a perfect feedback record.

1). Do not buy off ebay.

2). Pay with a Credit Card; especially if you use Paypal. Always pay for items bought Online with a Credit Card.

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Is buying off eBay really that dodgy that I should avoid it at all costs?

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never bought any high end electronics on ebay only accesories from little known companies but ive never had an issue check their feedback first and approach with caution

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Just be really careful and make sure they have amazing feedback. Buy with caution.
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I bought my BC 80gb PS3 off of Ebay for $500. It came with 2 dualshock controllers, MGS4, Resistance 1, and Uncharted. It still works. Great was used btw.

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When I say off ebay, I do not mean Online Stores like Dell, Newegg, Bestbuy, etc. I am talking about a Seller who talks you into not proceeding with the Sale thru eBay, or even the 3rd Party Sellers that may advertise on ebay, but are not Major Brand Names.

Right now ,Sony has a Credit Card deal, where you can get a brand new PS3 with an extra Dualshock Controller for $399.99 - $150.00. Apply and are approved for the new Sony Credit Card, get a $150.00 credit of your statement in 8 to 12 weeks.

I did an earlier Sony Playstation CC deal last month, and got a $100.00 off my statement days after I bought the PS3 from the Sonystore. I will also get another $200.00 credits in the next 6 months.

Dell has had 15% and 20% off deals on the PS3 in the recent past.

Would I buy anything on ebay anymore ? - Not if I can help it. Use Paypal? Hopefully never again.

Remember, your Credit Card is the only thing that protects you from a Bad Seller and Paypal itself.

Go to ebay > Community > Discussion Boards, and really read the Trust and Safety Forum and the Paypal Forum. Also carefully read the Paypal User Agreement.

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Is buying off eBay really that dodgy that I should avoid it at all costs?


No. It's not that dodgy. I've used it about 3 x a long time ago, and I was never stiffed. HOWEVER, when considering something so expensive, I would just buy it legit and more safely. Go to amazon, and get the lower GB edition.

I have heard more problems about the higher GB one anyway.

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How about buying used off Amazon, can I be relatively certain I'll be getting a working PS3 in reasonable condition if a $214 one is listed as USED - Very good condition? I've never bought used before, so I don't know much about it, and I am cheap, SORRY.

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I would never buy a console off of ebay, I could not trust buying it ebay.