Buying 2 PS3 for use in two different country?

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I wanted to buy 2 new ps3, and send one to asia to my son, how can he use my game that I will buy here in US in asia? It make no sense to me to buy 2 same game title, if I can't use this on ps3 can I use it on xbox 360? Reason why I asked they always release new game there late.

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The ps3 is region free, it will play any game from any region :) same with the psp, it is region free as well. As for DLC or anything for the game, he will have to use the US psn for that game, as dlc from that region (asia) won't work on a US game.

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If you plan on sending your son in Asia, a PlayStation 3 meant for market in the United States, just know that the console meant for market in the United States will not be covered by warranty for Asia; so if it breaks or is defective, he will have to send it back to you and then you will have to send it back to Sony in order to get it fixed. If you plan on purchasing video games for your son, for the PlayStation 3, meant for the United States market because the video games in Asia get released late, then just know that the downloadable content is region specific and that your son will have to create a fake PlayStation Network account for the United States, in order to have downloadable content work, in regards to video games meant for the United States market that you would send to him.