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For those of you who know what Bushido Blade is, you know it's a classic. Bushido Blade 2, in my opinion, is one of the best games ever made. At the time it came out, it had awesome graphics along with realism. You didn't have a "Life Bar", so when you get stabbed in the heart, you didn't take "Damage", you die. It also had a good customization with different characters, fighting styles, and weapon selection. And I could only imagine what they could do with it on the PS3. Since the company that owns it (Square-Enix) is still around;), they could bring it back to become bigger than ever!

Have you played it? Would you want BB3?

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i would want a bb3, just don't think its going to happen.
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i would want a bb3, just don't think its going to happen.IppotheFighter

I agree, Bushido Blade 3 would be cool, but I don't see SE doing it. I don't think they ever really had much financial success with any of their fighting games.

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If it happens, it would be cool seing it on the Wii rather than on the PS3. Though I could care less about the Wii, it has a better sword control than the PS3. Though The graphics would suck in that way :P
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Sony is working a Wii-remote type controller check out the newest game informer may 2008

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I had both busido blade 1 and 2. and loved them both! They were great games. Ps1 was a great console. One of the resons I never got a ps2 (or any console form that gen, stayed strictly pc) was for lack of seqauls or bad sequals on the ps2. BB would be great on the ps3. Using the dual shock3, not the damn wii remote! I love my new ps3 and bb would be great on it. I always wondered why square and sony never made sequals to some of their original ips. Like bushido blade series, parasite eve, vagrant story, and legend of dragoon...all great ps1 games/series that never made it to the previous gen, but were great games! I would love if just one of those made it to ps3!
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Bushido Blade 1 is in my top games list of all time. I remember having 200+ death matches that stretched on for the whole day. If they kept the sma e basic mechanics and atmosphere bb3 would rock
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good idea. it'll be cool on the wii, and wii graphics arent all that bad. you think the game would be rated m?

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If they ever released a Bushido Blade 3 my life would grind to a halt while I spent every waking minute playing it on PSN, killing 13 year olds with one hit.

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Great games. BB3 would be nice. I would even be happy if they brought the original PS1games over from the Japanese PSN store.

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Haven't played the originals, but hopefully they release them on the PSN store so I can experience them. I would like to play them for sure.

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yes. maybe a psn game? if it came out on disc then it would have to be more complex like ufc 2009.

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Definitely better suited as a PSN game. With the complexity and length of games today I can't make myself pay a full $60 for a fighting game...maybe $30 at the most.

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With the big 3 having unveiled their motion controller technology, just imagine if a clever designer or producer at Square Enix got the bright idea to do BB3, multi-plat for the motion controllers? Killer app, I'd say.
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