Bummer, no remote play listed on the NBA2K box :(

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Well this is terribly disappointing. Looks like Sony's mandate that all potential games not involving the PS camera have remote play is already falling by the wayside. I'm mad at both Sony and 2K for not having it on that title. Pure laziness really, as a couple of days of code and remapping buttons would have done the trick. Sports games transfer well to the Vita's screen size so I thought remote play for NBA2K14 was a no-brainer. So much for playing nightly games upstairs before bed.

Perhaps it can be patched in or perhaps 2K left it out so as not to cannibalize their actual Vita version(if there even is one, not sure).

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@porkchopxp: ronnie2k confirmed remote play on operation sports forums (it's just not on the box)

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ah, good ole Operation Sports. I'll head over and take a looksee, thanks.