Black Ops Declassified Looks a lot better now!

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looking foward to this game.. hope its worth it.

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I go to Playstation Blog for News. I however wouldn't leave my dear old Grandma with them out of fear they might sell her to the black market....meaning I don't trust them. According to IGN's Recent Article it still plays Average and doesn't seem to hold upt to its Console Brothers. Still a hell no purchase for me, It might have been my first COD purchase since MW2 if it included Zombies or Spec Ops along with the *Decent* quality of its console counterparts. Sadly no seems like a cheap cash in from a developer that couldn't even make a decent FPS with a good IP like Resistance.

And meh yeah my post sounds negative but just amazes me how badly Sony is screwing up this opportunity, this game could have been big in the West if it was made properly with a strong Dev behind it, well done Sony.

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As one of the comments in the link pointed out, game was in early production in August, that does not bode well...

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Never had high hopes for it honestly, even before we knew which developer would be making it.

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I wouldn't trust the Playstation blog with unbiased news for what is perhaps their biggest Vita holiday title. They sure aren't going to say it's bad.
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This is almost the exact same situation as back when Burning Skies was about to release. SP appears to be short (from neogaf), 6 mp maps, 30 FPS, no zombies and worst of all - the game doesn't truly remind us of COD, but instead of Burning Skies in terms of gameplay. Oh and it's also a quite expensive game too, right?
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New Article from IGN...not good.