Beyond: Two Souls Anyone Hyped?

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Beyond: Two Souls comes out in two days.. is anyone hyped for this game? I'm about 3 hours in so far and absolutely loving it. Not sure why there doesn't seem to be much hype around the game. If you've played Heavy Rain then you'll know what your in for.. the gameplay is similar, except when you play as the entity. Like Heavy Rain, the game will suck you into the game world, bring out emotions in you and make you want to keep playing long into the night.

Visually the game is incredibly amazing. The facial animations and the way the characters show emotion haven't been done this well in any other game. Anyone looking for a new game to play before the PS4 comes out needs to check this one out. It goes on my must play list of games this generation. There are multiple endings like in Heavy Rain and the choices you make in game will change specific things.


Anyone else looking forward to Beyond? There is a demo up on PSN, didn't bother trying it since I have the game and I just hope the demo does it justice so more people experience it.

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Yeah I can't wait! I loved Heavy Rain so I'm really excited for it. Bring on Wednesday!
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Yeah I can't wait! I loved Heavy Rain so I'm really excited for it. Bring on Wednesday!hrt_rulz01
Glad someone else is excited!
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I want to play it but the last thing I need is more games.
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Im going to end up getting it, but I heard its about 10 hours long. I guess it has high replay value because of the multiple endings.

I loved heavy rain so this is a no brainer for me.

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I can't wait either, but I said the same thing about Ni No Kuni and never finished it. I have a tremendous back log:(

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Originally I wasn't interested but then I played the demo and am thinking of getting it, but may hold off for a bit simply because I'm trying not to buy anymore games until I get a PS4 and finish my current backlog.  I was a bit put off by the QTE type gameplay, but the demo showed how they made the QTEs very tense and meaningful rather than just tacked on like so many other games do.

I wasn't aware of the multiple endings, as I though they wanted this to be a more focused story, but I'm glad there are multiple endings, the gameplay and choices defnitely lend to that sort of game, and the voice acting is great, so it'll be fun to go through the game taking different choices (I never played Heavy Rain, so I'm not fully sure how they handle choices and how they go towards the different endings).

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i might pick it up after it's become cheaper, i just don't see me paying full price for it at the moment
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I have it pre-ordered :D
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Preordered.  Day 1 for me and excited.

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Preordered.  Day 1 for me and excited.

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Been looking forward to it, but I probably won't be getting it until I get a new tv.

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I pre ordered it. It's only going to be dispatched tomorrow though, since it's the European release. Pretty excited.

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I told myself GTA will be my last PS3 game before the PS4. After watching my buddy play this game i now have to go to best buy and pick it up.

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I've just played the demo. And, it broke my heart.

This is actually the first time I've experienced such emotions playing a demo. I know, it sounds silly. = ) Yet, it's such an emotional journey. Now, I understand why David Cage kept on saying "emotions" over and over again in his latest videos about the game. = )

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Completed last night. Amazing game. Gunna have to go for my Second play through i think :)