Bestbuy midnight launch question

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I understand that there is a midnight launch for best buy that's were I preordered my playstation 4 but I want to know something form you guys because I have never did a midnight launch for games or systems so u guys or gals may know what happens if I don't go to midnight launch an i go the next day early afternoon do you think they're will still be systems because I know everyone can not make a midnight launch so any opinions please let me know thanks

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Call them and ask. I've heard Target doesn't even guarantee the systems to people that have it preordered.. not sure why that do that since thats the point of preorders.
My local video game store holds my preorder on release day, I would assume they all would.

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I would just call them

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@Rattlesnake_8: if u pre-ordered your system when they announced it or if u pre-ordered the launch ps4 system u will still be able to get your ps4 the next day even if u dont go to the midnight launch i asked a general manager at best buy about it they said they will have enough whoever pre-ordered the launch ones u shouldnt have to worry about u not getting urs on launch day