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(I'm not talking about retail/disc-based games sold on the Playstation Store, just smaller titles) PSN Downloadable titles have been coming since 2006 and have really picked up lately with Journey, The Walking Dead, and Counter Strike GO. Which one is your overall favorite? Mine has to be Shatter. The gameplay is very addicting and the soundtrack is fantastic. As a runner up I'd say Castke Crashers just because it's an awesome coop game.
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I really enjoyed Sound Shapes. Also love Castle Crashers and Plants vs Zombies.

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Don't know if it counts anymore because it's available on disc now, but Journey.

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Don't know if it counts anymore because it's available on disc now, but Journey.

It counts. It was originally a downloadable PSN title for $15. Games that don't count are GTA 4, Batman AC, Uncharted 2, and more games that are mainly retail titles. Plus the Journey CE is just a bundle of 3 PSN titles for $30.
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Sound Shapes, Journey, Zen Pinball 2, Retro/Grade.. Those are the ones I still play today. Plants Vs Zombies is incredible, I just have just played that game to death though.
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Plants Vs Zombies is incredible, I just have just played that game to death though.MethodManFTW

Same, I've got all the trophies for the PS3 version and platinum for the Vita version. So can't wait for PvZ2 next year.

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My favorite so far is The Walking Dead, can't wait for episode 4.

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Dead Nation.
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I haven't bought too many PSN titles, because I feel they're mostly overpriced, but I'd can safely endorse Castle Crashers. While I wish the game was longer and that it had more of a 'loot' system, it's still a great game and definitely scratches the itch for a co-op side-scrolling hack-n-slash / beat 'em up (a genre woefully neglected these days).
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Dead Nation with Limbo right behind it
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The Walking Dead followed by Back to the Future...

Then quite possibly Jurassic Park? (Downloaded but haven't commenced :oops: )

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Journey, Flower, Limbo, Dyad, Trine.
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Journey for sure

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Sound Shapes is on PSN? As in playable on PS3? And only PSN title I have played is Costume Quest, which is great, but I doubt it's the best PSN offers. I do have Limbo, Trine 1 and 2, and Braid on Steam, but haven't played any yet.
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Walking Dead :)
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  • Journey
  • The Walking Dead
  • Flower
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My favi Critter Crunch LOL.

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[QUOTE="funsohng"]Sound Shapes is on PSN? As in playable on PS3?

Yes to both.
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Rag Doll Kung Fu is very awesome, definitely worth picking up and a lot of fun with several players.
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Rayman: Origins and Trine.

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I really enjoyed Flower.
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Best PSN game, in terms of how much fun I had, had to be Lumines Supernova, and here's why:

1) Immersive and very mesmerizing visuals. You'll be glued to the screen.

2) Best block-puzzle gameplay I've seen since tetris.

3) Hypnotic soundtrack.

4) B/c of all the factors above, I've had a few people come pass by my tv and stop just to get glued to the screen as well.

5) Great replay value(many unlockables and challenges) and trophy support (though no platinum I don't think).

There's also multiplayer, but I forgot if there's online mp or not. If not, then that's the only negative I see. Alot of people don't mention lumines, just because it's not as well advertized and b/c it has recently seen its glory days on the original PSP a while back, but honestly, everyone should give this game a chance. Once you do, you'll get totally sucked in.

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Trine and From Dust

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My favourites are:

  • Tokyo Jungle (bought it yesterday and I totally love it)
  • Rocket Knight
  • Trash Panic
  • Costume Quest
  • Gotham City Impostors
  • I Am Alive
  • Renegade Ops
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That would be flower.

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don't know about best ones but these are my current favoriteTokyo JungleTony Hawk's Pro SkaterSonic Adventure 2Sonic AdventureSonic CDSonic 2Shoot Many RobotsRocket KnightNights into DreamsThe Simpsons arcade gameBlade KittenOkami will be up there too already have it on PS2 and Wii. Hell Yeah was fun but haven't bought the game yet
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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

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Flower is by far the best PSN game ever

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excluding retail games on the service, I've had awful luck with games on PSN. Nothing's really given me too much enjoyment.

-Joe Danger: This was actually pretty good

-Journey: decent and a neat idea, but finished so very quickly

-Flower: awful. So pointless and irrelevant

-Sound Shapes: was fun for a little while, but ultimately not very engaging at all

I should try Trine

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because of the spooky holiday coming up everybody is raving about Resident Evil 6 but i want a zombie game thats not resident evil so been playing Dead nation which is amazing its made by the same people which did superstar dust HD which is one of the first PSN games and its still amazing to day games.
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That would be flower.

I hate flower I could never get over its appeal or why would anyone want to play it, its just boring and dull and nothing major happens and before people start complaining i have had a go at it and went in to it with a open mind i just think its pointless hippy crap