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I am currently a X360 and a Wii owner but I have been holding out for a PS3 price cut. Well here it is with the PS3 slim! I personally like the older model Playstation 3's and since they are now discontinued I want to buy one before they get to hard to find. What is the best PS3 bundle out there for the 80gb PS3? OR is it better to just buy the PS3 and get the games seperate. I figured I should shop around for a good bundle. Any games in a bundle I would prefer to be PS3 exclusive since if it is a big multi platform game like Call of Duty or Oblivion, I already have it on X360.

Any advice?

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if you're living in USA, the best bundle is BestBuy's Killzone 2 / Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundle.

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I would go to best buy for the MGS4/Killzone2 Ps3 Bundle, its the best deal so far.
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The KZ2/MGS4 bundle.
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this bundle doesnt exist anymore
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i dont think there are any more bundles seeing as how they selling point is the price not the additionals...
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The KZ2/MGS4 bundle.Doolz2024
I saw this bundle with LBP a couple months ago at my local Wall Mart, I didn't see the price though.

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It sounds like a consensus across the board but I am pretty sure that bundle bundle is not offered any more.

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This bundle is not offered anymore. I talked to my friend who works at Best Buy and he said that they stopped receiving them.
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There are ones at Walmart that sell the fat 80G PS3 that comes with MLB 2009 and James Bond: Casino Royal on Blu-ray for $299.99.
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That Walmart one is also sold out and those that you can choose only give you the option of upgrading to the 160gb for $100 more dollars. I actually just won a bidding war on ebay and got a new factory sealed 80gb model (no bonues games) for only $240. I figured that deal was worth it to get it $60 cheaper than from retailers.