Best game on the PS4 currently?

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What do you guys think the best game is on the PS4 from all the launch titles?

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  1. NBA 2K14
  2. Lego Marvel
  3. Battlefield (even with it's problems)
  4. Resogun
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Battlefield 4

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I am new to Assassin's Creed, but have been having a blast with Black Flag. Also Knack is underrated and is good for at least a rental.

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Battlefield 4 because the multiplayer is just too awesome.

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KZ and Battlefield 4, MP in BF4 is unlike anything i have ever played, wish there just more communication

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probably Resogun

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Well I only have 3 games, and those are Killzone Shadow Fall, Assassin's Creed Black Flag, and Need for Speed Rivals. All of those are great games and are fun to play, so it is hard to say.

I would easily have said Killzone Shadow Fall if in some parts of the later chapters didn't turn into such a hordefest of what seems like nonstop enemies. Need for Speed Rivals seems like alot of fun, but I can see that fun may wear it self out after awhile. There is alot of stuff to do in Assassins's Creed that it seems like it will never end and that's a good thing, and the pirate theme is so cool.

So all that being said and I had to pick only one than that is tough, because I like all three the same. Since I should pick one I will still say Killzone Shadow Fall is the best game on the PS4 currently, and being that it is an exclusive and even if it wouldn't have turned out to be a hordefest of what seems like nonstop enemies it still is a great game. It was also the first game that I put in and played on my PS4 and I am still amazed on how great it looks especially for a Killzone game.

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Probably Battefield 4. It delivers the next-gen console experience moreso than any other console game right now. You simply can't beat 64-player Conquest matches.

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For the games I own:

1.NBA 2k14

2. Battlefield

3. Killzone

4. Need for Speed Rivals

All four games are a blast to play. Currently hooked playing NBA. Not a basketball fan at all but this game has got me hooked. The graphics and depth of the controls take a lot of time to get used to. Yet making the right play or winning a game even for that matter is extremely satisfying.

Battlefield's multiplayer is great once it works. The maps are varied and conquest is a blast to play. Haven't had time to play the singleplayer

Killzone is a gorgeous game. Haven't had time to play singleplayer but the multiplayer is fun to play even though the maps are a little small for my taste. I really like the challenges created in the game as you are not given gun attachments and perks just for playing. You have to earn them.

Need for Speed Rivals is a fun game. The integration of singleplayer and multiplayer is seamless.

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Probably Assassins Creed 4

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Resogun, Assassins Creed 4 and Killzone

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1 NBA 2k14 2 killzone SF 3 AC4 for me

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Well i guess that depends what you define as a good game. Best looking, most fun gameplay etc?

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NBA 2K14, Battlefield 4 (MP) and killzone (MP). Those are 3 of the 5 retail games I currently own.

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some decent games on the PS4.

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BF4 for the multiplayer, but we play soooooo many FPS these days that i found it hard to recommend another FPS.

Killzone same rant as BF4, for me.

Resogun is fun but i don't see myself playing it more than a few hours.

So far these are the only game i tried.

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For me KZ:SF and Resogun :)

KZ:SF is better than COD or BF for me by far. MP is amazing , gunplay/gameplay/MP mechanics are awesome. It's like a better version of COD.

There are 3 classes that have different abilities/guns.

Resogun is fun and relaxing arcade game that you can play co,op with someone on the internet.

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1. KZ SF

2. BF 4

3. Reso Gun

So far for me

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I generally don't play competitive games online but I am hooked on KZ:SF's multiplayer. As of now I have no complaints about it at all. Annoying saboteur class is gone and you can't snipe while cloaked. Turrets and drones are deadly as they should be but not OP because there are ways to counter them. Just hope GG doesn't ruin the game through a patch like Light Box and ND did with Starhawk and Uncharted 2 did, respectively.

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I have it on PC but i'd say black flag. It's pretty amazing.. If you are into CoD and BF obviously you should go for those.

As a huge fan of Killzone 2 I am a little disappointed with KZ SF multiplayer, but I feel like the issues could be fixed with a strong patch. I think the turrets are a little too OP and some of the team death matches just turn into turret fests.I think the standard rifles could use a boost in either power or fire rate because 1v1 they seem to be obliterated by the sub machine guns fire rates or the stronger weapons power, it's a little unbalanced

There is too much motion blur, bloom and fog.. It's hard to see enemies particularly at a distance sometimes.. There is a beautiful game under all those effects they should tone them down..

Also it's too quiet. They should add voice chat obviously but also more in game voices and conversation maybe.. The game just feels so quiet even though there's a war going on. It could have benefited greatly from a beta that would have sorted some of these things out, but that's why it's a launch game.. Hopefully they patch some improvements in.

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Killzone for me.
It's absolutely gorgeous in visual and sound design and is the best way to show off the new hardware, at present. I'm really enjoying the campaign (the recent patch seems to have sorted out many of the annoyances), which I'm towards the end of. I can't wait to get my teeth into multiplayer, which I'm sure I'll love.

Going by the Metacritic score, it is very underrated. I'd highly recommend it.