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So, first off, great game....when it works?

I just got my hands, very lucky, on a PS4 on Friday. Love it.

Got Battlefield 4 as my game. I made the switch from COD to battlefield. I like battlefield much better from a skill and strategy standpoint. It's not just a run and gun, twitch shooter.

However, yesterday I was having some stutter frame issues which wasn't terrible. Happened mostly while running, but otherwise shooting and other general gameplay was unaffected. It never cost me a kill.

Logged in this morning though and man alive. Rubberband lag was out of control. One time for a solid 30 seconds whilst trying to jump through a window, I would jump and it would put me back outside, again and again and again. Then, I would see a target and I would shoot the crap out of it only to notice that he had just skipped like 10 yards to the left or right and I wasn't really shooting at anything. In other words, it was unplayable. Completely and utterly unplayable.

Are there any fixes coming soon from DICE? I tried even playing smaller scale game modes and it was consistently unplayable. I thought it was just the CQ mode because of so many people. I paid $60 and the game it really, really fun when it works. I just wish it Anybody having the same issues? It's not my internet. It's fully operational.

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Follow up Q: Do I need to seriously consider returning BF4 and moving back to COD? I don't sit and play a whole lot because I use it for now as a break from studying, so I would like for the game to work when I need it to. I never had a single issue with COD servers. Worked every time through COD WOW, COD blacks ops 1 and 2.

I hope not because I was having a blast with BF4 yesterday even while dealing with stutter lag.

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Recently for some reason BF4 has become quite laggy, not sure if it is the servers or peoples bad connection.

My advice always look for a decent ping ( 4 and above ) shows when you search for a match ( right hand side )

I used to be a cod man ( 1st black ops, was my last cod game) I prefer bf, mainly as its more of a team game...but ultimately its down to you if you prefer team work or going solo ?

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It has seemed laggy to me since the new DLC went up for premium... Very noticeable when running...

March 11th can't come soon enough.

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What happens March 11th?

Please tell me a fix. I am hoping maybe the issues this weekend are from the Japan launch.