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Hi. I usually take mt time with games but have recently saw my games back up on one another now I have so many games I want to play and complete I don't know where to start. The games I have left o complete are RAGE, sleeping dogs, deus ex: human revolution, darksiders 2, resistance 3, GOW3, sonic generations, sonic unleashed, SH: Downpour, RDR:GOTY, borderlands 2, hitman absolution, xcom, AC3, RE6, dishonored, dragon age 1 and 2 and kingdoms of amalur so yeah that's a lot of games I've Been more busy with my life than expected hence some of the more newer titles. So does anyone have any advice on how to clear this backlog quickly while still enjoying the game? Has anyone else got a backlog or had one?
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The only way to clear your backlog is to stop buying games until you finish the ones you already have. Clear them one at a time. Dedicate yourself to finishing one particular game and play that game exclusively until it's finished, then move onto the next one. But yeah, I know, it's easier said than done. I have a backlog of over 150 games.
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Start with the oldest purchase and work forward. That's what I do. Eliminates wasted time deciding. Also try to alternate genres so not to get genre burn out. Could also try a personal reward system. Finish 3 games, you're allowed to buy one and so forth.


Or you could keep things really simple and just spread them on the ground, close your eyes and mix them up and randomly select one.

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Heh... if you saw MY backlog you would make tinkle in your trousers. What I want to do is start an online stream and if I happen to get a decent amount of viewers I would write down the names of all of my games, put them in a hat, randomly pick a game out of the hat, beat the game and then repeat that process until all 350+ ps3 games have been completed.

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Yea thats a decent amount of games but I wouldnt consider that ALOT...Thats about the same amount of games I bought last week, not counting what I already have. But your best bet is to start whichever one interest you most. Play through it and enjoy it...then look at your games again and pick what you feel like playing at that time...rinse and repeat