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#1 Posted by Terrencec06 (3471 posts) -

Looks like I'll be picking up TWD S2, TWAU, and maybe Ni No Kuni and Dragons Crown Vita

#2 Posted by Terrencec06 (3471 posts) -

oh and

#3 Posted by marcheegsr (2528 posts) -

Ni no kuni for $6.99 is insane.

#4 Posted by Bigboi500 (29413 posts) -

Put Muramasa Rebirth on sale ffs.

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Injustice God Among Us Ultimate Edition for $24.49 is an awesome deal. I have been watching this game for a price drop and the lowest price I have seen is like $47.00. I've had it on my amazon wish list and checking sale websites and it never really dropped for so long. The regular version dropped but the Ultimate version was always somewhat expensive. They still sell the regular version for like $32.

#6 Posted by yokofox33 (29407 posts) -

That's a nice price for Dragon's Crown. Wish I had the money to blow on it, but I have other games higher on my priority list. And my backlog is large anyway.

#7 Posted by Ballroompirate (22583 posts) -

If I can get the money I'll look into getting

Guacamelee and Persona 4 Arena

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Ni no kuni for $6.99 is insane.

oh yeah, such a great game

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Interested in a few of the Vita titles. Can't complain for $3-$18. I don't have a PS3... shame Ni No Kuni isn't on Vita :(

Killzone Merc and Dragon's Crown stick out the most. For $18 each can't complain.

#10 Posted by BH14 (1680 posts) -

Not a PSN deal but Best Buy is selling Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag for $24.99 with free shipping as their deal of the day.

#11 Posted by voljin1987 (703 posts) -

@Ballroompirate: havent played p4a but i can certainly vouch for guacamelee.. beautiful visuals, awesome music and the best metroidvania gameplay i have played in a while..

and how is TWD S2 on the ps3.. the season 1 was quite laggy for me

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Why is the sales price for dragons crown the same price for both Vita and PS3? shouldnt the Vita version of dragons crown be cheaper then the PS3 version?

the sales price for injustice on the Vita is cheaper then the PS3 version so i dont see why they couldnt do the same for dragons crown...

#13 Posted by Nengo_Flow (9560 posts) -

Meh... nothing really there.

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i hope we get a similar sale in europe

#15 Posted by NeverMore0 (976 posts) -

Great prices for The Wolf Among us and The Walk Dead Season 2, but I'd rather have them on my PC. Probably will have to wait for the Steam summer sale.

#16 Posted by Kaze_no_Mirai (11153 posts) -

Are those week long sales? I see a couple of games I'm interested in.

#17 Posted by good_sk8er7 (4321 posts) -

I went ahead and got The Wolf Among Us Season Pass and The Walking Dead Season 2 Pass.

Was thinking of caving for Xillia, but really want my RPGs on disc. :/

#18 Posted by The_Last_Ride (70921 posts) -

Does anyone know if Europe is getting a sale aswell. The last sale was crap

#19 Posted by mdbuchman (235 posts) -

I picked up both season passes and also Dragon's Crown and Xillia.

Dragon's Crown is a VERY fun game, I am kicking myself for not really hearing much about the game! It reminds me of a souped up Golden Axe. Would recommend it to anyone who likes action RPGs.