Assassin's Creed III has too much lag

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I've spent a lot of time gaming for PC, where I could max out the graphics and have top fps for just about any game I played. Just recently I bought a PS3, because I like the concept of using a controller, and having splitscreen better. I also expected since it was a console, and I paid top dollar that it would be pretty simple to get used to. The point is that ever since I got my new PS3, I've been experiencing a lot of technical problems. Half of my games barely work, such as Uncharted 3, and my internet connection seems to suck most of the time, even having a wired connection. Also in most of the games I own, especially Assassin's Creed 3, in busy areas or whenever I freerun, the frame rate drops down below 20 frames per second, which I kind of find unacceptable. I was wondering if problems like these were common, or if there was an easy fix to these, such as just replacing my PS3. If not, I'm thinking about just ditching the console altogether, connecting my PC to my tv, and using a USB controller for it. Any suggestions what I should do?
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No, that is how console gaming works.
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Troll alert!