Are you pre ordering any PS4 exclusives with the system

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#1 Posted by hardyz200 (543 posts) -

pretty much what the title says

#2 Posted by DigiTMPS3 (22 posts) -

So far just Killzone Shadowfall as a PS4 exclusive. Ordered other games as well but they a cross platforms.

#3 Posted by mep69 (1868 posts) -
Not sure as of yet. Would be kool if a Naughty Dog game was released at launch, but I doubt it :(
#4 Posted by sagejonathan (870 posts) -
For now, just Killzone: Shadow Fall. I'm really just waiting for inFamous: Second Son.
#5 Posted by atc-fanatic (973 posts) -

just killzone shadowfall.

#6 Posted by bigcity23 (57 posts) -

ill just get fifa at the start and wait till x mas. still going to get ps3 games like gta, beyond 2 souls and possibly blacklist. for the ps4 i want watch dogs, cod ghost, killzone, Metal gear solid 5, the division and maybe battlefield 

#7 Posted by TheG28 (11 posts) -
Just ordered the console and watchdogs but thinking about sticking another fiver down on Killzone!!!!
#8 Posted by nyc05 (10183 posts) -

Yes.  Killzone: Shadow Fall.

I really wanted to get Knack because I love a good platformer.  Unfortunately, as I watch more and more video on Knack I realize something: I think it looks boring.

To me a good platformer has to have charm, soul, a likeable character and great level design.  Knack, as far as I've been able to see, has none of those things.  It comes off as boring and souless. The main character has absolutely no likability to me at all.

I hope I'm wrong and it turns out great.  I'm still going to keep my eye on it hoping that it turns out great.

I don't think it will though, sadly.

#9 Posted by AbstractRadical (629 posts) -
I rarely preorder a game these days.
#10 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (6236 posts) -
Got Killzone and inFamous preordered so far.
#11 Posted by DrRockso87 (2529 posts) -

inFamous: Second Son for now.

I'm interested in Knack and Killzone: ShadowFall but DriveClub meh... Not into racing games. Plus, it's already (half) free with PlayStation Plus anyway. The Order 1886 could be cool (need to see some gameplay).

Also, I'll pre-order anything Naughty Dog-related on PS4. Just finished The Last of Us and it's my GOTY now.

Can't wait for Gamescom to hear more exclusives announced. *fingers crossed for LittleBigPlanet 3 and Naughty Dog's new title*

#12 Posted by Namgis (3585 posts) -

No I wont have to pre order anything. Not getting a PS4 any time soon. It'll be a few years I'd imagine, but  I'll get whatever bundle they have that interests me. I'll order a bundle and a few exclusives, same thing I did this gen. I rarely get launch consoles. I like to wait to see how the initial build holds up over time. By the time they 'slim' the console, most of the minor issues have been ironed out.

#13 Posted by MarcRecon (5856 posts) -

I was going with the KZ bundle, but the COD whore in me made me change my mind!!:P....I couldn't help myself....

#14 Posted by The_Last_Ride (72460 posts) -
i was thinking of getting the limited edition of Driveclub if there is one. But for now, no
#15 Posted by shaunchgo (4605 posts) -
Possibly Killzone. So far I've only preordered Fifa 14, NBA 2K14 and COD: Ghosts.
#16 Posted by Rattlesnake_8 (18414 posts) -
Killzone and Infamous and a bunch of multi plat games.
#17 Posted by Basinboy (11245 posts) -

Only KZ:SF.  I intend to play Knack later on down the road.

#18 Posted by Eazy1891 (3072 posts) -
Well not necessarily. I have PS+ so ill be getting Drive Club first day. But i preordered Watch Dogs(still deciding whether to just get BF4 or both that and COD though) if Second Son was coming out launch day id be speaking differently right now though. Im not TOO interested in KZSF at this point in time.
#19 Posted by Eikichi-Onizuka (8041 posts) -
I haven't even preordered a PS4 yet. If I enjoy Battlefield 3(just got it with Plus) I might preorder the Battlefield 4 bundle.
#20 Posted by sukraj (23060 posts) -

Knack and Killzone Shadowfall

#21 Posted by Azzurri22 (167 posts) -

Killzone: Shadowfall for me.

#22 Posted by PS4TrumpsXbox1 (1076 posts) -
I'm getting knack and a lot of the lauch free to play games look awesome especially like warframe, black light, planetside 2, mercenary kings and secret ponchos. You guys should check it out:
#23 Posted by GStephenson (17 posts) -

got the killzone/drive club bundle, but will probebly trade drive club in towards bf4